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October #1

Legal delays have blown a hole in UK’s digital heritage Guardian

YouTube Video: Clay Shirky on Internet Issues Facing Newspapers from Berkman Centre for Internet & Society
Ars Technica summarizes the Knight Commission report on serving the news needs of local communities local news
Roy Greenslade: Local news start-ups need professional input Guardian

Freedom of Information
Right to inspect audit documents trumps commercial confidentiality Campaign for Freedom of Information

iPhone Appstore
It’s business not a gold rush. Developers aren’t getting rich

Home Office Safer Streets -map where you feel safe /unsafe in Solihull

Open Data
The wraps come of data.gov.uk private beta preview

Royal Mail sent a ‘cease and desist’ letter to Ernest Marples Ltd, the organisation providing a post code API allowing social projects to use post code searches.
Because of this, many useful websites are no longer functioning, including PlanningAlerts.com, Job Centre Pro Plus and Healthware.
Petition the PM to encourage Royal Mail to offer a free postcode database to non-profit and community websites

Improbable research IgNobel prizewinners 2009
Guide to the Research Excellence Framework Consultation. Have your Write To Reply

The myth of the page fold: evidence from user testing

Techcrunch: Twitter’s upcoming lists feature


September #5

Google Book Settlement
Huffington Post Pamela Samuelson: Google Book Settlement 1.0 Is History
UK academics: JISC seeks your views on the US Google book Settlement. A Write To Reply service.

Government 2.0
San Francisco App Store, open data – staff and citizens encouraged to build the government they want Mashable DataSF App Showcase
COI: benefits of government website auditing: open, transparent and accountable Digigov
Full List of UK Councils now online (and accessible via API) CountCulture
Opening up local government information. Chris Taggart’s presentation to Advisory Panel on Public Sector Information

Information Architecture
Survival of the flattest: how to futureproof your website’s IA Mission Creep

Read newspapers on your home computer! (1981 video) YouTube
Five projects on the frontier of text-based data analysis and visualization Nieman Lab
DocumentCloud: investigative journalism organisations+ Open Calais Nieman Lab interview
Full audio and transcript of Clay Shirky’s talk at Harvard on the future of news Nieman Lab
Pie chart: what an education company (Pearson) that owns a newspaper (Financial Times) looks like

Net Neutrality
FCC & net neutrality: Boing Boing notes inconsistency

Open Access
Why open access? University of Salford’s Vice-Chancellor Martin Hall makes the case

Public data
Improving data visualisation for the public sector DataViz

Useful round-up of remote user testing services Website Magazine

September #3

Book sharing site Scribd rejects claims of copyright infringement Guardian

Creative Commons
CC publishes study on interpreting “non-commercial” under CCBY & CC0 Creative Commons

Digital Britain
Attitudes to supporting non-BBC regional news from the licence fee. Preliminary findings. DCMS study.

How exactly is Facebook making money? Guardian
How Facebook tried to put a shine on $9.5m privacy suit Guardian

Government 2.0
Usability, council websites and the obligation to promote democracy Local Democracy

Nieman Reports Fall 2009: Journalism & Social Media <- essential reading
Shane Richmond article for Nieman Reports about the development of My Telegraph
Murdoch hails electronic reading devices “no paper, no printing plants, no unions,” said Mr Murdoch, behind the FT paywall.

Open Access
5 US universities commit to open access publishing Digital & Scholarly

OUT-LAW: Hidden Flash cookies track even opt-out users on web’s biggest sites.

Science writing
New York Times on the Simon Singh case: the high costs of English libel law for science writing
Sense about science Keep Libel Laws Out of Science campaign

Paul Graham: The list of n things is the cheeseburger of essay forms