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Social media news

“I encourage students to avoid PowerPoint.” List of more than 100 interactive presentation media from Howard Rheingold


News today: Twitter as newspaper eg http://paper.li/hrheingold

After blowing $120MM of VC funding Ning is laying off 40% of its staff and dumping free versions of its service

37 Signals tells it like it is


#Twitter @anywhere prototypes from the Guardian Open Platform


Such Tweet Sorrow http://www.suchtweetsorrow.com/ #RSC #mudlark Romeo & Juliet, Twitter.


Posterous Releases iPhone, Android Optimized Mobile Sites The Next Web


ArchivePress – archive your blog/RSS feed using WordPress Archive Press Release Candidate


So – who’s going to WordCamp UK 2010? http://uk.wordcamp.org/





March #1

Digital Economy Bill
Guardian: Lords angered over three strikes rule for filesharers

Y combinator looking for iPad startups

Free manual for investigative journalists Story-based Inquiry

Open Access
JISC: How to build a business case for an Open Access policy

The new report shows how universities can work out how much they could save on their profit and loss accounts as well as increasing their contribution to UK plc when they share their research papers through Open Access.
The ‘modelling scholarly communication options: costs and benefits for universities’ report, written by Alma Swan, is based on different types of university. It shows how universities might reduce costs, and how they can calculate these saving and their greater contribution to society by following an Open Access route.

European Research Funders Throw Weight Behind UK Open Access Repository, UK PubMed Central
Welcome Trust via Resourceshelf

Tim Bray: giving up on patents

Birmingham Totalplace final report now available on the BeBirmingham website

Twitter geo tagging
Twitter Changes To Geo-API – Tag Your Tweets With A Location

October #3

Digital Britain
Ofcom launches Consortium for Digital Participation
70% oppose internet ban for filesharers, poll shows. Guardian
Illegal downloads 150x more profitable than legal sales Torrent Freak
More than 10 million adults in the UK have never used the Internet. 4 million of them are the most socially disadvantaged. Race Online 2012

Teach us a Lesson! competition for informal adult learning directory BECTA competition. £25k total
Britain’s degree blackspots – the best and worst educated places revealed Data Blog

EU Telecoms Package
Amendment 138: Parliament bows to pressure over telecoms package Euractiv
Alternatively …
EU Parliament drew back from file-sharer demands over legal uncertainty Out-law

Open Science
Webcast from the Oxford Social Media conference 09: making science public. Ben Goldacre, Maxine Clarke, Cameron Neylon

Postcodes, meet newspaper
Talis Nodalities: Postcode Paper: What you can do with the right data.

Social Media
1-in-5 Internet users now share updates: Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook. From Pew Internet

Hootsuite: Ow.ly tracking is bad for sharing links. Lots of government users cannot resist tracking.

October #1

Legal delays have blown a hole in UK’s digital heritage Guardian

YouTube Video: Clay Shirky on Internet Issues Facing Newspapers from Berkman Centre for Internet & Society
Ars Technica summarizes the Knight Commission report on serving the news needs of local communities local news
Roy Greenslade: Local news start-ups need professional input Guardian

Freedom of Information
Right to inspect audit documents trumps commercial confidentiality Campaign for Freedom of Information

iPhone Appstore
It’s business not a gold rush. Developers aren’t getting rich

Home Office Safer Streets -map where you feel safe /unsafe in Solihull

Open Data
The wraps come of data.gov.uk private beta preview

Royal Mail sent a ‘cease and desist’ letter to Ernest Marples Ltd, the organisation providing a post code API allowing social projects to use post code searches.
Because of this, many useful websites are no longer functioning, including PlanningAlerts.com, Job Centre Pro Plus and Healthware.
Petition the PM to encourage Royal Mail to offer a free postcode database to non-profit and community websites

Improbable research IgNobel prizewinners 2009
Guide to the Research Excellence Framework Consultation. Have your Write To Reply

The myth of the page fold: evidence from user testing

Techcrunch: Twitter’s upcoming lists feature

September #2

Digital Britain
Featured Artists Coalition opposes disconnections policy ISP review
Split in the organisations representing musicians. FAC vs Musicians Union, PPL Observer
The BIS consultation on disconnections ends on 15th September.
FT: UK government to approve TV product placement Uturn

David Byrne “… scariest for publishers I guess, is that inevitably someone will hack the Kindle (or other formats) — and the books will become shareable… and copiable and infinitely reproducible, just like MP3s.” http://j.mp/SvF2y

Mobile phones in Japan may be installed with software to block music piracy http://bit.ly/9aJKo
Video: The Worst Anti-Piracy Ad Ever? –http://bit.ly/2LAHL

Higher Education
With some academics giving their time + free software you can start a university. Courses have begun at Peer to Peer University http://p2pu.org/
Interview with Michael Wesch “A Sense of Purpose” in EduCause. http://digs.by/J9s on use of social media and video in higher Education. Note, however, that you can read the extract in a couple of minutes. The podcast takes longer.

Internet Radio
Start-up Mixcloud is invitation-only at present. Register to try it. Runs in the browser, social media features. Mixcloud

FT on London Twitter-based start-ups http://bit.ly/2ABosJ See also, hypecycle Gartner report. And don’t try to build a business which depends on Twitter.

Fox network and Judge Sotomayor inauguration
“With journalists being laid off in droves, ideologues have stepped forward to provide the “reporting” that feeds the 24-hour news cycle. The collapse of journalism means that the quest for information has been superseded by the quest for ammunition.” The Atlantic
Linked data and journalism: what’s the future? Paul Bradshaw (Birmingham City University and Help Me Investigate) chairs the discussion. journalism.co.uk

Open Government
Re-usable data in the Home Office http://bit.ly/16L6Hl
Non-personal datasets published by the Home Office http://bit.ly/1av1JL
Clay Shirky, Government 2.0 The social psychology of crowdsourcing http://www.blip.tv/file/259…
Government 2.0 Aneesh Chopra: Agencies to publish engagement plans+release machine readable data http://blip.tv/file/2591923

Research tools
Colin Meek: How to customise your browser for effective online research http://bit.ly/6BhFM

Social Media, history of
100 years ago, postcards were microblogs. Poor punctuation + ungrammatical form sparked moral panic: http://j.mp/2ta3l9 fyi, this is a Daily Mail link.

25 Useful Data Visualization and Infographics Resources http://ff.im/-7Wqhg

WordPress & education
Slides from Joss Winn’s ALT_C 2009 presentation. WordPress Multi-User: BuddyPress and Beyond http://bit.ly/QPOss

August #1

Creative Commons

Creative Commons Launches CC OpenID Profile bit.ly

“Rights Expression vs. Rights Enforcement: clarifying the Associated Press story” creativecommons.org


Sematic web

Open Knowledge Foundation: Open Data and the Semantic Web Workshop, London, 13th November 2009: ur1.ca 

JISC project report on Semantic technologies in learning & teaching : bit.ly


Digital Britain

Consultation on legislation to address illicit P2P filesharing ends 15th September www.berr.gov.uk 


Future of journalism

Media Show R4: Observer closure threat, paywalls, Help Me Investigate, hyperlocal, Jeff Jarvis, Paul Bradshaw iPlayer link bit.ly

Reuters Steps Up; Says Linking, Excerpting, Sharing Are Good Things For The News bit.ly



Investigation into Web Content Management in Higher Education Institutions now available bit.ly

Higher Education video podcasting projects: Opencast bit.ly and Steeple bit.ly


Open Government

Openly Local Opens up Local Government data – bit.ly

Guardian talks to director of digital engagement on Twitter & more bit.ly 



The Guardian’s information architect offers tips for designing news apps that are easy to use tr.im


Open access publishing

PLoS Med video for their 5th birthday , editing an open medical publication www.vimeo.com



Nielsen on Enterprise 2.0. Employee led, minimal governance, not going away. www.useit.com

Pew Internet study: 62% of Online Adults Watch Video Online bit.ly

Only 5% of Twitter’s users account for 75% of all the activity on the service; nearly 33% is from bots: bit.ly

“the leading keywords for those with less than 1000 followers are “Web designer”, “love”.. and “Web developer”

July #4


Malcolm Gladwell eviscerates Chris Anderson’s Free. Saving you time as well as money bit.ly



Consultation to reform the rules around commercial radio & local content tr.im

Consultation on liberalising the rules concerning ownership of local media tr.im


Newsgator, Google and RSS

Newsgator: option of paid-for ad-free desktop readers. Synch via Google. Good if you wanted synch with GReader. A lot of people don’t. See comments bit.ly

Techcrunch: NewsGator Discontinues Online RSS Reader, Points To Google Reader bit.ly Desktop readers get Google Reader synchronisation.


Local papers

Andrew Gilligan attack on local authority newspapers in the Evening Standard bit.ly

A good piece about local news, blogs, council newspapers, the Press Association and Digital Britain from 853 blog bit.ly


Sense about Science

Excellent overview of #singhbca by Ben Goldacre pays tribute to “intrepid band of bloggers”: bit.ly

Beware the spinal trap: Simon Singh and chiropractic libel case bit.ly



Chicago’s Horizon Realty Group Sues Woman For $50,000 Over A Tweet bit.ly



Court rules against Blackboard in patent case – bit.ly


You Tube: launches a Reporters’ Centre

“Helping you report the news” bit.ly


Tennenbaum: the price of copyright infringement

Verdict in Joel Tenenbaum case: 22,500 per work. $675,000 total

Fair use is not a defence “Tenenbaum ‘piracy’ case is all over bar the shouting” tinyurl.com

‘How it feels to be sued for $4.5m’ is.gd