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cd-roms and ipads – analysis of publishing as a workflow and why iPad will not save glossy magazines.

“For those of you blessed with senile amnesia or youth, CD-ROMs were the first wave of “interactive media” in the mid-eighties, and the great hope for publishing houses struggling to understand what they might be doing in the 21st century. Companies from Dorling-Kindersley to News Corp threw millions into CD-ROM publishing, with very little ultimate return.”


Ian Betteridge: notes for a talk on designing for the iPad Technovia

Frederic Filloux on design, newspapers, iPad

“The fundamental fracture between print and digital media lies exactly here: paper is a fantastic vector for a reading experience driven by curiosity; the web is a cold medium utterly efficient for a search-based, focus-driven reading.
How to reconcile the two? There is no single (nor simple) answer. Such solution will arise from a combination of User Interface evolution with a real ability to deal with new devices, and with better search implementation.”

Monday Note

iPad DJ video YouTube

Rebirth by Propellerheads is out for the iPhone http://rebirthapp.com iPad next?


Links to 18th May


Limewire – thoughts on their prospects based on a recent interview jeremy1.wordpress.com


Tipping point: Cambridge University Press rescue www.guardian.co.uk and Scribd store www.nytimes.com

O’Reilly: Scribd opens storefront for ebooks radar.oreilly.com

Espresso on-demand book printer. With video bookshop.blackwell.co.uk

Internet and Society

CCTV schemes in city and town centres have little effect on crime, says report www.guardian.co.uk

How to get what we all want: Zittrain on civic technology www.cato-unbound.org

The Future of the Internet by Jonathan Zittrain is available in a commentpress edition yupnet.org


Literature re-told in the Little Book of Twitter bookfutures.blogspot.com Ulysses: overtweeting

What the hashtag: user-editable encyclopedia for hashtags found on Twitter  wthashtag.com

Copyright and education

Internet Archive Requests Copyright Indemnity  Open Education News openeducationnews.org

More about the Derrida case: ‘Argentina Copyright Case Brings Access To Education Into The Spotlight’ www.thelicensingplate.com

US: Testimony on the DMCA Film Clip Compilation Exemption digital-scholarship.org

Open Innovation, Creative Commons, OpenAccess

YouTube – Peter Suber on the Future of Open Access  www.youtube.com

John Wilbanks’ presentation at  NESTA: Open Innovation, Creative Commons – scienceblogs.com

Digital Britain #digitalbritain

UK’s games industry demands action to stop brain drain www.guardian.co.uk

Overcome obstacles to more free wifi in british cafes wperrin.blogspot.com

Why UK shouldn’t invest in upgrades to broadband infrastructure joannejacobs.net

The engineer’s view: ex BT CTO on DIY broadband aggregation networks.silicon.com