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September #6

TED video: Tim Brown (IDEO) urges designers to think big. From consumption to participation. Be inspired.

Digital Britain
ISP responds: TalkTalk legal challenge if told to disconnect internet ‘pirates’. Times Guardian
UK technology industry organisation responds to BIS Consultation on Legislation re illicit P2P file-sharing Intellect

Government 2.0
Calling open data developers: we need your help says Cabinet Office

News has never been more popular. Non-profit models look most interesting. New York Review of Books

Two-thirds of Americans oppose targeted online ads — more, once they find out how it’s done New York Times and download the research paper. Study used telephone survey, sample of 1,000.

Public data
Fields of Gold: short documentary about open data & European farm subsidies Open Knowledge Foundation

Infogram comparing billion dollar budgets. Iraq war, bank bailouts, renewable energy, foreign aid Information is beautiful


September #3

Book sharing site Scribd rejects claims of copyright infringement Guardian

Creative Commons
CC publishes study on interpreting “non-commercial” under CCBY & CC0 Creative Commons

Digital Britain
Attitudes to supporting non-BBC regional news from the licence fee. Preliminary findings. DCMS study.

How exactly is Facebook making money? Guardian
How Facebook tried to put a shine on $9.5m privacy suit Guardian

Government 2.0
Usability, council websites and the obligation to promote democracy Local Democracy

Nieman Reports Fall 2009: Journalism & Social Media <- essential reading
Shane Richmond article for Nieman Reports about the development of My Telegraph
Murdoch hails electronic reading devices “no paper, no printing plants, no unions,” said Mr Murdoch, behind the FT paywall.

Open Access
5 US universities commit to open access publishing Digital & Scholarly

OUT-LAW: Hidden Flash cookies track even opt-out users on web’s biggest sites.

Science writing
New York Times on the Simon Singh case: the high costs of English libel law for science writing
Sense about science Keep Libel Laws Out of Science campaign

Paul Graham: The list of n things is the cheeseburger of essay forms

August #4

Digital Britain
Watch interview Martha Lane Fox with Robert Peston http://bit.ly/10XE5L
Appetite fades for ‘top-slicing’ BBC funding http://bit.ly/19GwGd
Peter Mandelson: ‘nothing has been predetermined’ http://bit.ly/LQCU4
John Naughton on Lord Mandelson’s intervention: http://bit.ly/RfXHu

Edinburgh Television Festival
Full version of James Murdoch’s James MacTaggart speech is here on Guardian: http://bit.ly/QfSkI
Robert Peston lecture What future for media & journalism? full text http://bit.ly/RfmNK

Interested AstroTurf lobbying analysis? See this article on US health care http://tr.im/xhSn
Gmail may hand over IP addresses of journalists http://bit.ly/ehiAv

Documentary on Hans Rosling http://bit.ly/9Pt41 Be inspired.
Deschooling society by Ivan Illich (digress.it version and eBook) http://bit.ly/lvBhn
Google Apps for Education: ePortfolio and Formative Assessment Workflow:http://bit.ly/15SR0m

Higher Education: sponsorship opportunity
Buy a college-themed casket for your death! http://tinyurl.com/mk4e3c

EU funded P2P network develops next generation internet TV http://bit.ly/14QdJM & http://www.p2p-next.org/
Innovation boost for UK business as companies invited to bid for £6m investment http://bit.ly/zAW4o

Google Book Settlement
Open Book Alliance on the Google book settlement http://www.openbookalliance…
Pamela Samuelson: The Audacity Of The Google Book Search Settlement http://bit.ly/9Ti3q

Jeffrey Sachs: The financial crisis one year after http://tinyurl.com/mbbxxv

The Social History of the MP3 http://bit.ly/1qEX52

Wired: “Wikipedia to Color Code Untrustworthy Text”http://is.gd/2J5Er

OUT-LAW: Facebook promises to clarify privacy policy and allow more user control http://bit.ly/4jOVFm

July #3



Guardian activate video: resisting repression in Zimbabwe with web media and text messages bit.ly


Online privacy

via Resourceshelf: How to read a privacy policy  tr.im


Who pays for news?

Columbia Journalism Review: Who pays for news? Their paywall will deter some readers.. bit.ly

Gruber on David Simon’s Columbia Journalism Review piece on paywalls bit.ly


Filesharing disconnections

Hull ISP Karoo filesharing disconnections: guilt by accusation, punishment without trial tr.im


The Daily Mail

Dividing the known world into things which killl and things which cure: ‘crowdsourcing the Mail’s ontological project, amazing, fabulous, brilliant’. Inspired by Ben Goldacre tr.im 


Local papers

Economist on closure of local newspapers: Bedworth Echo bit.ly

Roy Greeenslade: local papers fighting a war in print that will be won online bit.ly



Alan Rusbridger talks about new forms of ‘mutual’ news, combining crowsourced material and traditional investigative journalism. Using example photographs from policing the G20 protests and Ian Tomlinson’s death which were supplied by witnesses. Also, the substantial Guardian investigation into corporate tax evasion and the role of Wikileaks in defeating an injunction against publication.

He makes a  case for public subsidy of Press Association newspapers reporting regional news.

Video: Decline of local news may allow corruption in public institutions to grow, Guardian editor warns bit.ly 

Video: Growth of online watchdogs like Fix My Street and They Work for You- are they ‘journalism’ and does it matter? bit.ly 


Culture, Media & Sport press standards committee

investigate alleged use of phone hacking by News of the World

1 video: Guardian editor Alan Rusbridger & Nick Davies bit.ly

2 video: News of the World executives & former editor Andy Coulson  bit.ly



Programme for TED Global at Oxford conferences.ted.com


Links to 4th June

Democracy, EU

EU elections: how to vote? What do the parties stand for? 

A tool which helps you decide from Unlock Democracy  www.votematch.co.uk

Open Rights Group survey: Do your MEP candidates care about digital rights? www.openrightsgroup.org

Open Rights Group: MEP survey results and contact info euelection.openrightsgroup.org

Democracy, UK

UK Hansard survey: how do you use the net to connect with your MP or Parliament? ow.ly

Freedom of Information

Full Text Book: Freedom of information: a comparative legal survey (2nd Edition) www.resourceshelf.com

Information design

Sidenote from @arc90 lab.arc90.com used to fully annotate Moby Dick www.powermobydick.com

OU podcast where Tony Hirst discusses WriteToReply: cands.open.ac.uk


Is Twitter dominated by men? www.guardian.co.uk

New Twitter Research: Men Follow Men and Nobody Tweets http://bit.ly/1Gs40W


OUT-LAW: Copyright treaty backing e-books for disabled readers survives US and EU resistance www.out-law.com

Harvard Business School working paper: File Sharing and Copyright http://bit.ly/KSHL9

Privacy, data collection

KnowPrivacy: The Current State of Web Privacy, Data Collection, and Information Sharing www.docuticker.com


Google Tracks Users Visting 92% of the Top 100 Websites www.theregister.co.uk

Google Squared is now live — try it out for yourself googleblog.blogspot.com


“YouTube holds out after UK body drops music streaming fees” arstechnica.com

Guardian: How Last.fm is thinking outside the jewel case http://bit.ly/183EEm

Digital Britain

FT: Media chiefs urge tougher action on internet piracy. ISPs to enforce traxfer.ft.com



Links to 6th May

US Senate

Sunlight Foundation: Senate posts votes in XML  http://bit.ly/Il7hF

Europe Telecoms Package #telecomspackage #EU

OUT-LAW: European Parliament vetoes telecoms reform, demands court order for ISP disconnection http://tinyurl.com/dd82gb

LaQuadrature: Amendment 138/46 adopted again. Internet is a fundamental right in Europe. http://tr.im/kDjJ

EU vote: Trautman Citizens Rights amendments adopted! EU parliament live http://tr.im/kDg6 

Malcolm Harbour account of EU telecoms packagehttp://tr.im/kCGV Detailed rebuttal http://www.blackouteurope.eu/

Last Chance to Save the European Internet –http://bit.ly/1Y9fT there’s a vote tomorrow which may kill net neutrality.

Why you should lobby your MEP to vote for the Citizens Rights Amendment to Telecoms Package vote on May 6th http://tr.im/kw28 #EU#telecoms

URGENT: Ask MEPs to adopt Citizens’ Rights Amendments on May the 6th Telecoms Package vote http://tr.im/kvXT

Political memory: MEP voting Rapport Lambrinidis on strengthening security and fundamental freedoms on the Internet http://tr.im/kvJm


Unofficial translation into plain English of Home Office consultation on changes to internet privacy & ISP record keeping by Simply Understood  http://tr.im/kvFQ


UK: Report: Copyright – what is the future for education and research? http://tinyurl.com/d2uv3g

NYTimes: “E.U. to Hear Proposal for Cross-Border Net Copyright” http://tinyurl.com/c92saz


Future of Journalism congressional hearing streaming live now http://bit.ly/ovjSH

Local news, with context: Matt Thompson unveils his innovative, “context-rich” news site in Columbia, Mo.http://tr.im/knM8


Apple product speculation: How the Apple iPad Could Kill the Kindle. PCmag http://tr.im/kGk5

iPhone Newspapers app, Sun removed by Apple because of  page 3 http://tr.im/kA56 50 newspapers for £0.59

Clean Up Your Twitter Account With Nest Unclutterer http://tinyurl.com/cp5rjn farewell, spambabes

How to Watch Hulu Around the World http://tinyurl.com/dfy6jp End of geoblocking.

The new, big-screen Kindle, Plastic Logic reader and newspaper subscriptions http://tr.im/kpKj<tethered devices, too late?>

E-Books: Amazon Plans Academic Push With New Kindle http://tinyurl.com/canj96 reports Wall Street Journal

Apple Submits New Spec for Live Streaming to IETF http://bit.ly/wiMKa

Digital Britain

Lord Carter hints that mobile networks could deliver the Digital Britain plan –http://tinyurl.com/c33bd5

Birmingham Digital Britain Unconference http://tr.im/kwRefind yours here http://tr.im/kwRz report http://tr.im/kwT5#dbuc09#digitalbritain

The main themes from the first digitalbritainunconference meeting from Cameron Neylon http://tr.im/kr1o

Notes from the RAL Digital Britain Unconference http://digitalbritainunconf… #dbuc09 #digitalbritain

Digital Britain unconference at RAL Oxford. Thanks Cameron Neylon for organising. Find yours at http://tr.im/khMu