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Digital Economy Bill and Digital Britain in March

Digital economy bill likely to be pushed through before election
Guardian 05.03.2010

Copyright is not the only thing that matters online, says Bill Thompson
BBC 02.03.2010

Music Week: Clause 17 voted down in Lords
The industry is celebrating that non P2P infringers are being dealt with in the Digital Economy Bill, after the House of Lords voted through an alternative amendment to the controversial Clause 17
Music Week 04.03.2010

A thorough assessment of the Digital Economy Bill from @paulcarr
NSFW: Hey, America! Our draconian copyright law could kick your draconian copyright law’s ass
Tech Crunch 07.03.2010

ISPs, publishers and academics voice outrage at web-block plan

Plans to introduce a law that will force internet service providers (ISPs) to block access to websites accused of hosting copyright-infringing content have been condemned by ISPs, publishers, consumer groups, user rights groups and academics.

OUT-LAW 10.03.2010

Leaked UK record industry memo. Insight into #DEBill lobbying
Boing Boing 12.03.2010

Digital economy bill: what you need to know
Guardian 22.03.2010

BBC: Gordon Brown superfast broadband & mygov speech
BBC 22.03.2010

PM’s speech on line now: Building Britain’s Digital Future
Number 10

European Digital Rights on disconnections and the #DEBill

US and UK approaches to broadband planning contrasted by Ofcom

Technology Strategy Board
Inspiring Innovations for Digital Britain
Webcast presentations 31.03.2010

Copyright crackdown bill could block ‘any website’
ZDNet 31.03.2010


Media law in March

Libel laws used to gag again: UK Anti-Piracy Lawyers Threaten File-Sharing Forum

50,000 lawsuits vs individuals for downloading movies. Mass litigation as a business model
Hollywood Reporter

Index on Censorship: Libel costs reform stalled by Labour MPs’ revolt

Tom Watson MP explains his vote on libel reform Liberal Conspiracy 31March

October #3

Digital Britain
Ofcom launches Consortium for Digital Participation
70% oppose internet ban for filesharers, poll shows. Guardian
Illegal downloads 150x more profitable than legal sales Torrent Freak
More than 10 million adults in the UK have never used the Internet. 4 million of them are the most socially disadvantaged. Race Online 2012

Teach us a Lesson! competition for informal adult learning directory BECTA competition. £25k total
Britain’s degree blackspots – the best and worst educated places revealed Data Blog

EU Telecoms Package
Amendment 138: Parliament bows to pressure over telecoms package Euractiv
Alternatively …
EU Parliament drew back from file-sharer demands over legal uncertainty Out-law

Open Science
Webcast from the Oxford Social Media conference 09: making science public. Ben Goldacre, Maxine Clarke, Cameron Neylon

Postcodes, meet newspaper
Talis Nodalities: Postcode Paper: What you can do with the right data.

Social Media
1-in-5 Internet users now share updates: Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook. From Pew Internet

Hootsuite: Ow.ly tracking is bad for sharing links. Lots of government users cannot resist tracking.

October #4

Birmingham Post Birmingham law firm to pursue online defamation

Digital Britain
Dissecting ‘The Economic Case for Digital Inclusion’ Ian Cuddy
An extended look at Lord Mandelson’s IP announcement at C&binet Paid Content

Freedom of Information
All FOI requests to this site now categorised Whatdotheyknow

Google docs
Now Exportable in Office and Open Office formats RWW

Civil servants fight off transparency, lobbying industry score big victory Times

Mapping, mobile
Google Maps Navigation: The First Killer App for Android 2.0 RWW

Mapping, Open Source
Mappa Mercia: a project to digitally remap the West Midlands in a free and open format.

Mobile learning
Androids for Africa at the Handheld Learning Conference video

TV Viewing Among children in the US at an Eight-Year High. Age 2-5 32+hours a week Neilsonwire

Record plunge: only 13% of Americans buy a daily newspaper Newsosaur
A graphic history of newspaper circulation over two decades The Awl

Interview with Harry Metcalfe of ernestmarples.com Video
Early Day Motion 2000 sponsored by Tom Watson Parliament

Young people’s use of social networks: dana boyd The Not-So-Hidden Politics of Class Online
danah boyd publications

Open data
Minister for Digital Britain Stephen Timms reports progress on Making Public Data Public
Open data on cities: an international round up. Lichfield, yes. Birmingham, London, not yet. Open Knowledge Foundation

Open government
Local Spending Reports would show how all public money is spent. Localworks

John Denham speech: Openness of data is important for local government RSA speech
Rewiring LocalDirectGov OpenlyLocal

Surveillance UK
New York Times: Ever-Present Surveillance Rankles the British Public. Poole council #RIPA

September #6

TED video: Tim Brown (IDEO) urges designers to think big. From consumption to participation. Be inspired.

Digital Britain
ISP responds: TalkTalk legal challenge if told to disconnect internet ‘pirates’. Times Guardian
UK technology industry organisation responds to BIS Consultation on Legislation re illicit P2P file-sharing Intellect

Government 2.0
Calling open data developers: we need your help says Cabinet Office

News has never been more popular. Non-profit models look most interesting. New York Review of Books

Two-thirds of Americans oppose targeted online ads — more, once they find out how it’s done New York Times and download the research paper. Study used telephone survey, sample of 1,000.

Public data
Fields of Gold: short documentary about open data & European farm subsidies Open Knowledge Foundation

Infogram comparing billion dollar budgets. Iraq war, bank bailouts, renewable energy, foreign aid Information is beautiful

August #4

Digital Britain
Watch interview Martha Lane Fox with Robert Peston http://bit.ly/10XE5L
Appetite fades for ‘top-slicing’ BBC funding http://bit.ly/19GwGd
Peter Mandelson: ‘nothing has been predetermined’ http://bit.ly/LQCU4
John Naughton on Lord Mandelson’s intervention: http://bit.ly/RfXHu

Edinburgh Television Festival
Full version of James Murdoch’s James MacTaggart speech is here on Guardian: http://bit.ly/QfSkI
Robert Peston lecture What future for media & journalism? full text http://bit.ly/RfmNK

Interested AstroTurf lobbying analysis? See this article on US health care http://tr.im/xhSn
Gmail may hand over IP addresses of journalists http://bit.ly/ehiAv

Documentary on Hans Rosling http://bit.ly/9Pt41 Be inspired.
Deschooling society by Ivan Illich (digress.it version and eBook) http://bit.ly/lvBhn
Google Apps for Education: ePortfolio and Formative Assessment Workflow:http://bit.ly/15SR0m

Higher Education: sponsorship opportunity
Buy a college-themed casket for your death! http://tinyurl.com/mk4e3c

EU funded P2P network develops next generation internet TV http://bit.ly/14QdJM & http://www.p2p-next.org/
Innovation boost for UK business as companies invited to bid for £6m investment http://bit.ly/zAW4o

Google Book Settlement
Open Book Alliance on the Google book settlement http://www.openbookalliance…
Pamela Samuelson: The Audacity Of The Google Book Search Settlement http://bit.ly/9Ti3q

Jeffrey Sachs: The financial crisis one year after http://tinyurl.com/mbbxxv

The Social History of the MP3 http://bit.ly/1qEX52

Wired: “Wikipedia to Color Code Untrustworthy Text”http://is.gd/2J5Er

OUT-LAW: Facebook promises to clarify privacy policy and allow more user control http://bit.ly/4jOVFm

August #3

How long does it take to create one hour of eLearning? http://bit.ly/EeLbN
Scholarly publishing with WordPress http://bit.ly/kW34Q

New Scientist: worldwide government initiatives to block, filter and control the internet http://bit.ly/1WesNZ

Google Book Settlement
BBC on Amazon, Microsoft and Yahoo signing up to Open Book Alliance re Google Book Settlement http://bit.ly/tuSSk
Peter Brantley and the Open Book Alliance – throwing the book at Google http://bit.ly/45PRvS

“The real reason why the major labels love Spotify” http://tinyurl.com/ornatz Labels OK. Artists ‘earn about the same as busking’.
From Telegraph Tech: Spotify to make ‘significant’ revenue for UK record labels ‘within six months’ http://bit.ly/KIXQs
Good news for internet radio: skipping tracks is not an ‘interactive service’ US judgement http://bit.ly/16GjPt

Digital Britain
Internet cut-off threat for illegal downloadershttp://tinyurl.com/nv4dxc
BIS press release on file sharing disconnections http://bit.ly/tCw7e

NewsTrust launches Smart Feeds: news stories by journalists on Twitter & trusted sites. http://bit.ly/15mOGj
Birmingham Post faces threat of going weekly: Trinity Mirror has confirms review http://bit.ly/j9ZtO
“Dissociated Press” James Boyle FT column on news and journalism business http://bit.ly/wZon

BBC: people who engage in media “multitasking” are those least able to do so well, according to researchers http://bit.ly/y5WJn