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Public transport layers on German open street map

Also covers UK, scroll.


PDF maps from #OSM: make your own TownGuide


Discussion on local data and open database license as used by Mappa-Mercia


Open Layers: free maps for the web http://www.openlayers.org/ V 2.9


Mapitude Birmingham #OSM workshop.

OpenStreetMap for web developers workshop day May 22nd Birmingham. Details, booking http://mapitude.eventbrite.com/

Tickets sold out 30th April



February #2

Infographic: gender, language
He Said / She Said – words that men and women use in blogs more than the other gender
Infographic: Regionalism in action – BIS investment intensity over time

Press standards & libel: Culture Media & Sport select cttee report in full download PDF
Libel Reform campaign petition

Mapping, OpenStreetMap
Post by Steve Coast, who started OSM
OpenStreetMap – The Best Map

Mapping, Ordnance Survey consultation
A plain English introduction from Simply Understand
Ordnance Survey: the options for Change- or not?
Mapping, Transport For London
Bus route maps using Google maps

NESTA report: Mass localism

Policymakers increasingly recognise that many of the solutions to major social challenges – from tackling climate change to improving public health – need to be much more local. Local solutions are frequently very effective, as they reflect the needs of specific communities and engage citizens in taking action. And they are often cost-effective, since they provide a conduit for the resources of citizens, charities or social enterprises to complement those of the state. Given the growing pressure on government finances, these are important benefits.
But localism presents a dilemma. Government has traditionally found it difficult to support genuine local solutions while achieving national impact and scale.

Pew Report: Net will enhance intelligence, not make us stupid.
The Future of the Internet 1V

Open Data
Rewired State events in March

Boing Boing: School used student laptop webcams to spy on them at school and home

Beyond blogging
Joss Winn’s presentation to the dev8D conference

February #1

A New Issue of Ariadne (#62) is Now Available. See Democratising Archives and the Production of Knowledge

Digital Economy Bill
Orphan works: leading museums & libraries support online access
Times: Unlock collections for access to all

Ebooks, libraries
Mortgaging the future of universities the e-book package way

Freedom of Information
Out-law: how to appeal an ICO decision: new guidance published

Google book settlement
Open Book Alliance Responds to Google’s Request for an Amended Google Books Settlement Approval

What should news on iPad look like? Great interview with Guardian iPhone app designer

Mapping, OpenStreetMap
Guardian: Meet the Wikipedia of the mapping world
Google or Open StreetMap? Transparency slider control

New statistics about Social Networking, Mobile, and Internet Traffic
dana boyd publication list young people & social networking