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Open data: Challenges and opportunities

I am co-producing an open data event on 15th July  with West Midlands Regional Observatory.

Open data: Challenges and opportunities

15th July 2010, 9:30am – 4:00pm

The Balcony Rooms, RegenWM, 4th Floor, Millennium Point, Curzon Street, Birmingham, B4 7XG

A programme of speakers who are opening up public sector information.

A chance for policy makers and web developers to talk about why and how to implement open data.

Policy: What principles should organisations apply in making public sector data available? Implementation: What formats should public bodies use to publish to the web?

The event is free to attend. More details and booking West Midlands Regional Observatory



Richard Wilson – Event Chair

West Midlands Quality Institute


Open data: Challenges and opportunities

Since holding posts at Cabinet Office within Strategy & Policy and the Information Taskforce, as well as working as a Policy Adviser at 10 Downing Street, Will Perrin has founded Talk About Local, a project to give people in their communities a powerful online voice. In this session, Will will give an overview on open data national policy, looking at recent developments along with the challenges and opportunities.

Will Perrin

Creator of Talk About Local


Opening up Ordnance Survey data

Gillian will detail how Ordnance Survey have responded to the call for open public data. Following changes on the use of OS derived data, she will give us a run through recent licensing changes to explain the legal guidelines of what OS data can and can’t be used for.

Gillian Horner

Ordnance Survey



A local perspective on opening up data

Chris Taggart runs Openly local, a website geared at making local government more transparent. Chris will pick up where Will left off, looking at how national policy translates to local government, as well as giving an overview of the OpenlyLocal website.

Chris Taggart

Openly local


Democratic engagement

Tim Davies is a social entrepreneur with extensive experience of youth participation and social media. He is studying  the impact of open data on democratic engagement at Oxford Internet Institute. Read an interview with Tim and further biography.

Tim Davies

Practical participation



Issues, examples and themes

Andrew Mackenzie co-produced this event with the Observatory. He is a researcher and consultant working at the intersection of policy, technology and innovation. He recently organised Mapitude, an event which explored open data and mapping.


Andrew Mackenzie



Opening Warwickshire’s data

Examples from Warwickshire showing how they are opening up Warwickshire County Council held data and why. Aside from the social benefits, Kate will also identify the potential cost savings and opportunities for service improvement resulting from opening up council data. See Hack Warwickshire competition.

Kate Sahota

Warwickshire County Council


Opening Walsall’s data

Dan will bring open data examples from Walsall, including the challenge of the £500 spending transparency requirement (where local government have to publish details of all spend over £500), as well as the 2010 election from Walsall’s perspective and whether or not to use Open source website platforms.

Dan Slee

Walsall Council


Opening Birmingham’s data

Recent and future open data examples from Digital Birmingham, the city’s strategic partnership helping to ensure that the benefits of digital technologies are available to all in the city.

Simon Whitehouse

Digital Birmingham


Opening Lichfield’s data

Stuart Harrison is webmaster at Lichfield District Council.

His pioneering work has established Lichfield as one of the leading exemplars of local open data. Lichfield council make it easy to access council services, report problems, view planning applications, find out what’s going on locally, have a say on local issues, and much more. Read Guardian article on Lichfield and Stuart

Stuart Harrison

Lichfield District Council





Mappers meet developers meet open data

It’s Mapitude time http://mapitude.eventbrite.com/


Mapitude draft programme

Saturday May 22nd

Coffee, set up, feature requests

from 09:30 to 10:00


Upstairs Hackspace projects

from 10:00 to 17:00


Session 1 Better mapping

Using and adding photographs Brian Prangle

Adding a map to your website or blog Simon Dann & others

Beginner’s tool set: editors, iPhone apps

from 10:00 to 11:00



from 11:00 to 11:15


Session 2 OSM state of the map

Open data, Ordnance Survey. Local data. Warwickshire competition. Where next?

Output to Google maps vs OSM, some notes Simon Dann

Tools for conviviality

from 11:15 to 12:00


Session 3 Advanced mapping

Creating custom map styles

Cyclestreets Shaun Macdonald

Hosting your own OSM installation, Mappa Mercia Q & A Christoph Boehme

from 12:00 to 13:00



from 13:00 to 14:00


Session 4 Maps on mobiles

OpenSatNav & augmented reality maps on mobile phones Steve Brown

Track My Journey Shaun Macdonald

from 14:00 to 14:45


Session 5 Adding data, public sector information

UK-postcodes, Lichfield DC Stuart Harrison

OpenlyLocal Chris Taggart

from 14:45 to 15:30



from 15:30 to 16:00


Session 6


from 16:00 to 16:30



Show new stuff

from 16:30 to 17:30


Open data, linked data news


Open Data, Linked Data & The Semantic Web explained: ReadWriteWeb


Nigel Shadbolt: slides on the data.gov.uk work can be found here http://eprints.ecs.soton.ac.uk/18787/ #www2010


World Bank Open Data initiative http://data.worldbank.org/ TBL says “Everybody’s doing it!”


UK government guidlines

Office of Public Sector Information regulations: public sector information re-use OPSI.gov


Local government

What data sets are local public bodies already releasing for re-use? Local public data panel


Warwickshire’s data is opening up announcement


Guest post about new #Warwickshire #opendata site: WM Regional Observatory


Warwickshire have 26 different open data sets and feeds available at http://opendata.warwickshire.gov.uk/datasets


Conferences in April

Technology priorities for Higher Education JISC 2010 Conference 12th and 13th April

Presentations available


Sustainability LIve 20th and 21st April

Presentations from the Achieving low carbon business opportunities seminar programme are available for download

Open Knowledge Foundation conference 24th April

programme  #okcon http://www.okfn.org/okcon/programme



Site for the ‘PayItForward’ RepRap meetups shown at #okcon http://payitforwardprinting.com/


#okcon notes collected here in a  piratepad


Research papers contributed to #okcon 2010 are now online Proceedings of the 5th Open Knowledge Conference




October #4

Birmingham Post Birmingham law firm to pursue online defamation

Digital Britain
Dissecting ‘The Economic Case for Digital Inclusion’ Ian Cuddy
An extended look at Lord Mandelson’s IP announcement at C&binet Paid Content

Freedom of Information
All FOI requests to this site now categorised Whatdotheyknow

Google docs
Now Exportable in Office and Open Office formats RWW

Civil servants fight off transparency, lobbying industry score big victory Times

Mapping, mobile
Google Maps Navigation: The First Killer App for Android 2.0 RWW

Mapping, Open Source
Mappa Mercia: a project to digitally remap the West Midlands in a free and open format.

Mobile learning
Androids for Africa at the Handheld Learning Conference video

TV Viewing Among children in the US at an Eight-Year High. Age 2-5 32+hours a week Neilsonwire

Record plunge: only 13% of Americans buy a daily newspaper Newsosaur
A graphic history of newspaper circulation over two decades The Awl

Interview with Harry Metcalfe of ernestmarples.com Video
Early Day Motion 2000 sponsored by Tom Watson Parliament

Young people’s use of social networks: dana boyd The Not-So-Hidden Politics of Class Online
danah boyd publications

Open data
Minister for Digital Britain Stephen Timms reports progress on Making Public Data Public
Open data on cities: an international round up. Lichfield, yes. Birmingham, London, not yet. Open Knowledge Foundation

Open government
Local Spending Reports would show how all public money is spent. Localworks

John Denham speech: Openness of data is important for local government RSA speech
Rewiring LocalDirectGov OpenlyLocal

Surveillance UK
New York Times: Ever-Present Surveillance Rankles the British Public. Poole council #RIPA

September #6

TED video: Tim Brown (IDEO) urges designers to think big. From consumption to participation. Be inspired.

Digital Britain
ISP responds: TalkTalk legal challenge if told to disconnect internet ‘pirates’. Times Guardian
UK technology industry organisation responds to BIS Consultation on Legislation re illicit P2P file-sharing Intellect

Government 2.0
Calling open data developers: we need your help says Cabinet Office

News has never been more popular. Non-profit models look most interesting. New York Review of Books

Two-thirds of Americans oppose targeted online ads — more, once they find out how it’s done New York Times and download the research paper. Study used telephone survey, sample of 1,000.

Public data
Fields of Gold: short documentary about open data & European farm subsidies Open Knowledge Foundation

Infogram comparing billion dollar budgets. Iraq war, bank bailouts, renewable energy, foreign aid Information is beautiful

August #1

Creative Commons

Creative Commons Launches CC OpenID Profile bit.ly

“Rights Expression vs. Rights Enforcement: clarifying the Associated Press story” creativecommons.org


Sematic web

Open Knowledge Foundation: Open Data and the Semantic Web Workshop, London, 13th November 2009: ur1.ca 

JISC project report on Semantic technologies in learning & teaching : bit.ly


Digital Britain

Consultation on legislation to address illicit P2P filesharing ends 15th September www.berr.gov.uk 


Future of journalism

Media Show R4: Observer closure threat, paywalls, Help Me Investigate, hyperlocal, Jeff Jarvis, Paul Bradshaw iPlayer link bit.ly

Reuters Steps Up; Says Linking, Excerpting, Sharing Are Good Things For The News bit.ly



Investigation into Web Content Management in Higher Education Institutions now available bit.ly

Higher Education video podcasting projects: Opencast bit.ly and Steeple bit.ly


Open Government

Openly Local Opens up Local Government data – bit.ly

Guardian talks to director of digital engagement on Twitter & more bit.ly 



The Guardian’s information architect offers tips for designing news apps that are easy to use tr.im


Open access publishing

PLoS Med video for their 5th birthday , editing an open medical publication www.vimeo.com



Nielsen on Enterprise 2.0. Employee led, minimal governance, not going away. www.useit.com

Pew Internet study: 62% of Online Adults Watch Video Online bit.ly

Only 5% of Twitter’s users account for 75% of all the activity on the service; nearly 33% is from bots: bit.ly

“the leading keywords for those with less than 1000 followers are “Web designer”, “love”.. and “Web developer”