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March #1

Digital Economy Bill
Guardian: Lords angered over three strikes rule for filesharers

Y combinator looking for iPad startups

Free manual for investigative journalists Story-based Inquiry

Open Access
JISC: How to build a business case for an Open Access policy

The new report shows how universities can work out how much they could save on their profit and loss accounts as well as increasing their contribution to UK plc when they share their research papers through Open Access.
The ‘modelling scholarly communication options: costs and benefits for universities’ report, written by Alma Swan, is based on different types of university. It shows how universities might reduce costs, and how they can calculate these saving and their greater contribution to society by following an Open Access route.

European Research Funders Throw Weight Behind UK Open Access Repository, UK PubMed Central
Welcome Trust via Resourceshelf

Tim Bray: giving up on patents

Birmingham Totalplace final report now available on the BeBirmingham website

Twitter geo tagging
Twitter Changes To Geo-API – Tag Your Tweets With A Location


September #5

Google Book Settlement
Huffington Post Pamela Samuelson: Google Book Settlement 1.0 Is History
UK academics: JISC seeks your views on the US Google book Settlement. A Write To Reply service.

Government 2.0
San Francisco App Store, open data – staff and citizens encouraged to build the government they want Mashable DataSF App Showcase
COI: benefits of government website auditing: open, transparent and accountable Digigov
Full List of UK Councils now online (and accessible via API) CountCulture
Opening up local government information. Chris Taggart’s presentation to Advisory Panel on Public Sector Information

Information Architecture
Survival of the flattest: how to futureproof your website’s IA Mission Creep

Read newspapers on your home computer! (1981 video) YouTube
Five projects on the frontier of text-based data analysis and visualization Nieman Lab
DocumentCloud: investigative journalism organisations+ Open Calais Nieman Lab interview
Full audio and transcript of Clay Shirky’s talk at Harvard on the future of news Nieman Lab
Pie chart: what an education company (Pearson) that owns a newspaper (Financial Times) looks like

Net Neutrality
FCC & net neutrality: Boing Boing notes inconsistency

Open Access
Why open access? University of Salford’s Vice-Chancellor Martin Hall makes the case

Public data
Improving data visualisation for the public sector DataViz

Useful round-up of remote user testing services Website Magazine

September #3

Book sharing site Scribd rejects claims of copyright infringement Guardian

Creative Commons
CC publishes study on interpreting “non-commercial” under CCBY & CC0 Creative Commons

Digital Britain
Attitudes to supporting non-BBC regional news from the licence fee. Preliminary findings. DCMS study.

How exactly is Facebook making money? Guardian
How Facebook tried to put a shine on $9.5m privacy suit Guardian

Government 2.0
Usability, council websites and the obligation to promote democracy Local Democracy

Nieman Reports Fall 2009: Journalism & Social Media <- essential reading
Shane Richmond article for Nieman Reports about the development of My Telegraph
Murdoch hails electronic reading devices “no paper, no printing plants, no unions,” said Mr Murdoch, behind the FT paywall.

Open Access
5 US universities commit to open access publishing Digital & Scholarly

OUT-LAW: Hidden Flash cookies track even opt-out users on web’s biggest sites.

Science writing
New York Times on the Simon Singh case: the high costs of English libel law for science writing
Sense about science Keep Libel Laws Out of Science campaign

Paul Graham: The list of n things is the cheeseburger of essay forms

August #2


Annual University of Hertfordshire survey on music consumption. Two views:

Trade body UK Music, who fund the survey “Music consumption in 14-24 year olds is complex, latest survey reveals” UK Music

Torrentfreak “14-24 year olds pirate 8,000 music tracks each” Torrentfreak


Digital Britain

Programme for the delivery of actions in the DB White Paper published tiny.cc

BIS Consultation on the proposed changes to Ofcom’s duties tinyurl.com


Higher Education

Joss Winn: Comparing ‘The Edgeless University’ and ‘HE in a Web 2.0 World’ reports  bit.ly

Peer to peer university launches. Deadline to sign up is the 26th – www.p2pu.org


Creative Commons

Publications now available from Google Books. Coming to a reading list near you.

Lessig, Doctorow, Boyle and Zittrain ping.fm



Superb mapping service for OS maps in the UK – wtp2.appspot.com



Unlocking Audio 2009 conference programme, videos and papers now online: is.gd metadata, archive & social  media



Lost Remote: Neighborhood blogs drive participation in city planning bit.ly 



Discover the top 100 open innovation organisations across the globe, compiled by NESTA blogs.nesta.org.uk


Facebook takeover of Friendfeed

Scoble, your blog still loves you – www.scripting.com Dave Winer on FriendFeed et al.

Scoble is excited scobleizer.com

Friendfeed users in the research community less so. Cameron Neylon: The trouble with business models (Facebook buys Friendfeed) friendfeed.com


URL shortening

The shortening service tr.im, from Nambu network, was suspended and reinstated:  blog.tr.im

It’s a problem. For example, shortened urls on this blog will stop working if the service is withdrawn. What to do? John Gruber wrote his own url shortner. There are couple of WordPress plugins which offer shortening. But as Dave Winer points out, Twitter could easily extend the character limit to 140 characters excluding the url, or make shortened urls portable scripting.com



Concerned about privacy? Considering opting out? The Onion reports  bit.ly


August #1

Creative Commons

Creative Commons Launches CC OpenID Profile bit.ly

“Rights Expression vs. Rights Enforcement: clarifying the Associated Press story” creativecommons.org


Sematic web

Open Knowledge Foundation: Open Data and the Semantic Web Workshop, London, 13th November 2009: ur1.ca 

JISC project report on Semantic technologies in learning & teaching : bit.ly


Digital Britain

Consultation on legislation to address illicit P2P filesharing ends 15th September www.berr.gov.uk 


Future of journalism

Media Show R4: Observer closure threat, paywalls, Help Me Investigate, hyperlocal, Jeff Jarvis, Paul Bradshaw iPlayer link bit.ly

Reuters Steps Up; Says Linking, Excerpting, Sharing Are Good Things For The News bit.ly



Investigation into Web Content Management in Higher Education Institutions now available bit.ly

Higher Education video podcasting projects: Opencast bit.ly and Steeple bit.ly


Open Government

Openly Local Opens up Local Government data – bit.ly

Guardian talks to director of digital engagement on Twitter & more bit.ly 



The Guardian’s information architect offers tips for designing news apps that are easy to use tr.im


Open access publishing

PLoS Med video for their 5th birthday , editing an open medical publication www.vimeo.com



Nielsen on Enterprise 2.0. Employee led, minimal governance, not going away. www.useit.com

Pew Internet study: 62% of Online Adults Watch Video Online bit.ly

Only 5% of Twitter’s users account for 75% of all the activity on the service; nearly 33% is from bots: bit.ly

“the leading keywords for those with less than 1000 followers are “Web designer”, “love”.. and “Web developer”

Links to 13th June


The week in links
Education resources, open access, copyright, bad research and lobbying, life without newspapers- insight from the1940s, Twitter hype vs the numbers, browser innovation, Digital Britain, life without broadband, French anti-filesharing law overturned.

The week in links

Education resources, open access, copyright, bad research and lobbying, life without newspapers- insight from the1940s, Twitter hype vs the numbers, browser innovation, Digital Britain, life without broadband, French anti-filesharing law overturned.

Continue reading Links to 13th June

Links to 27th May

China, US

Internet Statistics: China logging on – shanghaiist.com interesting, v. diff profile from US

Digital Britain

Damian Tambini raises net neutrality as a potential loss in the Carter plan www.prospect-magazine.co.uk

Samknows: project to map UK Broadband notspots www.samknows.com

Research shows there are 3 million UK homes that need faster broadband under gov plans news.bbc.co.uk

Slow broadband? or #notspot make your vote count here www.broadband-notspot.org.uk 


OUT-LAW: Companies and agencies move closer to EU-wide music market www.out-law.com

New rate from PRS for streaming music news.bbc.co.uk

Brian Eno: A living art reborn www.prospect-magazine.co.uk ‘as one business folds, several others open up.’


Jack Schofield: avoid Twitter & Facebook phishing scams. OAuth hopeful www.guardian.co.uk

Last FM/CBS allegation

Last.fm rejects Techcrunch claims of illegal behaviour www.guardian.co.uk

Techcrunch challenges CBS/LastFM: deny sending user data to RIAA www.techcrunch.com

Health, research, reporting

TES ‘Fast food makes kids stupid’ media research reports fail himmelgartencafe.blogspot.com

How to read health news from NHS Behind the headlines www.nhs.uk

Ben Goldacre on recent bad reporting of health stories www.badscience.net

Freedom of Information Act

Open Rights Group: comprehensive report on the application of the Freedom of Information Act over the last four years reutersinstitute.politics.ox.ac.uk

BBC’s internal angst re Phorm www.whatdotheyknow.com (revealed by FOI request via WhatDoTheyKnow.com )

Newspapers, blogs, journalism

Padraig Reidy: on free speech ISPs, libel & Nadine Dorries www.guardian.co.uk

Mail on Sunday court apology to Tom Watson MP over Draper emails allegation: entirely untrue www.tom-watson.co.uk

Browser enhancement, Google reader

Shane Richmond: Google Reader bundles blogs.telegraph.co.uk

reframeit.com  Lessig and Rheingold on the board. Browser dependent (FF or IE7) Comment alongside web pages, then share by tweet, email or RSS.

Creative & Science Commons

Open Innovation and IP – Creative & Science Commons discussed at NESTA – webcast now up www.nesta.org.uk

Open Access, Open Knowledge

Questions for the European Parliament from the research community concerning Open Access – www.europenscience.org

Slides, audio and photos from Open Knowledge 2009 are now available okfn.org

Research Information Network developing a scholarly communications toolkit www.earlham.edu

Paying fees for open access publishing: strategic response needed | RIN www.rin.ac.uk