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October #3

Digital Britain
Ofcom launches Consortium for Digital Participation
70% oppose internet ban for filesharers, poll shows. Guardian
Illegal downloads 150x more profitable than legal sales Torrent Freak
More than 10 million adults in the UK have never used the Internet. 4 million of them are the most socially disadvantaged. Race Online 2012

Teach us a Lesson! competition for informal adult learning directory BECTA competition. £25k total
Britain’s degree blackspots – the best and worst educated places revealed Data Blog

EU Telecoms Package
Amendment 138: Parliament bows to pressure over telecoms package Euractiv
Alternatively …
EU Parliament drew back from file-sharer demands over legal uncertainty Out-law

Open Science
Webcast from the Oxford Social Media conference 09: making science public. Ben Goldacre, Maxine Clarke, Cameron Neylon

Postcodes, meet newspaper
Talis Nodalities: Postcode Paper: What you can do with the right data.

Social Media
1-in-5 Internet users now share updates: Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook. From Pew Internet

Hootsuite: Ow.ly tracking is bad for sharing links. Lots of government users cannot resist tracking.


August #2


Annual University of Hertfordshire survey on music consumption. Two views:

Trade body UK Music, who fund the survey “Music consumption in 14-24 year olds is complex, latest survey reveals” UK Music

Torrentfreak “14-24 year olds pirate 8,000 music tracks each” Torrentfreak


Digital Britain

Programme for the delivery of actions in the DB White Paper published tiny.cc

BIS Consultation on the proposed changes to Ofcom’s duties tinyurl.com


Higher Education

Joss Winn: Comparing ‘The Edgeless University’ and ‘HE in a Web 2.0 World’ reports  bit.ly

Peer to peer university launches. Deadline to sign up is the 26th – www.p2pu.org


Creative Commons

Publications now available from Google Books. Coming to a reading list near you.

Lessig, Doctorow, Boyle and Zittrain ping.fm



Superb mapping service for OS maps in the UK – wtp2.appspot.com



Unlocking Audio 2009 conference programme, videos and papers now online: is.gd metadata, archive & social  media



Lost Remote: Neighborhood blogs drive participation in city planning bit.ly 



Discover the top 100 open innovation organisations across the globe, compiled by NESTA blogs.nesta.org.uk


Facebook takeover of Friendfeed

Scoble, your blog still loves you – www.scripting.com Dave Winer on FriendFeed et al.

Scoble is excited scobleizer.com

Friendfeed users in the research community less so. Cameron Neylon: The trouble with business models (Facebook buys Friendfeed) friendfeed.com


URL shortening

The shortening service tr.im, from Nambu network, was suspended and reinstated:  blog.tr.im

It’s a problem. For example, shortened urls on this blog will stop working if the service is withdrawn. What to do? John Gruber wrote his own url shortner. There are couple of WordPress plugins which offer shortening. But as Dave Winer points out, Twitter could easily extend the character limit to 140 characters excluding the url, or make shortened urls portable scripting.com



Concerned about privacy? Considering opting out? The Onion reports  bit.ly


July #4


Malcolm Gladwell eviscerates Chris Anderson’s Free. Saving you time as well as money bit.ly



Consultation to reform the rules around commercial radio & local content tr.im

Consultation on liberalising the rules concerning ownership of local media tr.im


Newsgator, Google and RSS

Newsgator: option of paid-for ad-free desktop readers. Synch via Google. Good if you wanted synch with GReader. A lot of people don’t. See comments bit.ly

Techcrunch: NewsGator Discontinues Online RSS Reader, Points To Google Reader bit.ly Desktop readers get Google Reader synchronisation.


Local papers

Andrew Gilligan attack on local authority newspapers in the Evening Standard bit.ly

A good piece about local news, blogs, council newspapers, the Press Association and Digital Britain from 853 blog bit.ly


Sense about Science

Excellent overview of #singhbca by Ben Goldacre pays tribute to “intrepid band of bloggers”: bit.ly

Beware the spinal trap: Simon Singh and chiropractic libel case bit.ly



Chicago’s Horizon Realty Group Sues Woman For $50,000 Over A Tweet bit.ly



Court rules against Blackboard in patent case – bit.ly


You Tube: launches a Reporters’ Centre

“Helping you report the news” bit.ly


Tennenbaum: the price of copyright infringement

Verdict in Joel Tenenbaum case: 22,500 per work. $675,000 total

Fair use is not a defence “Tenenbaum ‘piracy’ case is all over bar the shouting” tinyurl.com

‘How it feels to be sued for $4.5m’ is.gd

Links to 13th June


The week in links
Education resources, open access, copyright, bad research and lobbying, life without newspapers- insight from the1940s, Twitter hype vs the numbers, browser innovation, Digital Britain, life without broadband, French anti-filesharing law overturned.

The week in links

Education resources, open access, copyright, bad research and lobbying, life without newspapers- insight from the1940s, Twitter hype vs the numbers, browser innovation, Digital Britain, life without broadband, French anti-filesharing law overturned.

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Links to 11th May

Open Access, the Commons

Berkman Center lecture David Bollier, author of Viral Spiral: How Shall the Commons Be Governed? Challenges Facing the Digital Commons Sector http://bit.ly/OTzjd

Via Open Culture: Download 200+ free and top-notch university courses to your mp3 player or computer. http://bit.ly/4XS2T


Check out hyperwords Firefox extension. Like reliving your first hyperlink ‘this goes somewhere’ http://www.hyperwords.net/ intriguing team sharing possibilities.

Pachube: Building a Platform for Internet-Enabled Environments via Read Write Web http://tr.im/kUtM #dbuc09 #digitalbritain please note


Ofcom paper submitted to the #DigitalBritain project about the regulation of commercial radio: http://tr.im/l1uL

Check out Rhubarb Radio: like local radio, run by interesting people http://www.rhubarbradio.com/

Digital Britain

Six media bosses lobby Carter over copyright enforcement http://tr.im/l3qO

ISPReview: UK Broadband ISP Users Receive Less than HALF the Advertised Speed http://tr.im/l3me

OFCOM: UK’s most comprehensive consumer research lifts the lid on broadband speeds http://tr.im/l4S5

Write-up from Digital Britain Unconference Nottingham online http://bit.ly/pef86

Via Charlie Beckett: Recasting The Net: a national series of debates with Polis and C4 on Online Media http://is.gd/y0mb

Via K Corrick: what’s going on with #dbuc09 look at http://addictomatic.com/top… +http://addictomatic.com/top…


Washington Post & Google in talks about a possible collaboration. Good summary of the current state-of-play for US newspapers  http://tr.im/l1jH

NYT:The American Press on Suicide Watch http://tr.im/kZeN  ‘in the end we will get what we pay for.’

Emily Bell:  Falmouth talk to journalism students http://bit.ly/zNfE2

Had a good time at #jeecamp. Thanks Paul Bradshaw for organising the event. Aggregated feeds http://journalismenterprise.com/jeecamp/

Transcripts of Senate hearing The Future of Journalism http://bitly.com/3wTss1

Copyright & IP

Economist debate: ‘This house believes that existing copyright laws do more harm than good.’ voting closes Wednesday 13th http://tr.im/l50V

Protecting Your Scholarship: Copyrights, Publication Agreements & Open Accesshttp://tinyurl.com/cj84kx [LIVE WEBCAST] Check back for archived stream.

IP watch: Copyright Exception for Legalising File-Sharing is Feasible http://tr.im/l1iU #EU#digitalbritain

“Panel: Public Domain Fosters Innovation, More Limitations & Exceptions Needed” http://tinyurl.com/r9ycye

“If you can’t buy it legally, of course you’ll download it” http://tinyurl.com/cf6jn4

Harvard Team Advocates for DRM Exemption at Copyright Office DMCA Hearing http://bit.ly/14ZdE7

“DMCA, Fair Use, Documentary Filmmakers and Remixers” http://tinyurl.com/cj3zya DMCA hearings testimony

The Economist Debates Copyright http://tinyurl.com/cudtpz


Newspapers: Seattle Post-Intelligencer ends printing. Staff cuts, continues as web-only publication http://bit.ly/L1OnJ

iPod headphones aren´t DRMed, just controlled by a proprietary chip that you have to license  http://bit.ly/YdnM4

Guardian Tech OFCOM sets out challenge of broadband Britain http://bit.ly/SsqGL

More James Boyle and ‘How extending copyright term in sound recordings actually works’ with link to PDF http://bit.ly/YdnM4

Guardian Tech Richard Smith. Good summary of James Boyle’s case for The Public Domain. http://bit.ly/qEM2

UK IPO office: since July ISPs issuing 1,000 notifications a week on behalf of copyright holders to P2P users http://bit.ly/8baGq

Fast broadband

Think broadband on expected OFCOM announcement   http://bit.ly/13W49X

Up to 100 Megabits fibre optic

BT will have to make its new fibre-optic network, which it intends to build over the next three years, available to its rivals on a wholesale basis, but the regulator’s proposals will ensure that it can make money out of it.

Observer     http://bit.ly/lfzX6

Read technical discussions and and check your line speed