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October #3

Digital Britain
Ofcom launches Consortium for Digital Participation
70% oppose internet ban for filesharers, poll shows. Guardian
Illegal downloads 150x more profitable than legal sales Torrent Freak
More than 10 million adults in the UK have never used the Internet. 4 million of them are the most socially disadvantaged. Race Online 2012

Teach us a Lesson! competition for informal adult learning directory BECTA competition. £25k total
Britain’s degree blackspots – the best and worst educated places revealed Data Blog

EU Telecoms Package
Amendment 138: Parliament bows to pressure over telecoms package Euractiv
Alternatively …
EU Parliament drew back from file-sharer demands over legal uncertainty Out-law

Open Science
Webcast from the Oxford Social Media conference 09: making science public. Ben Goldacre, Maxine Clarke, Cameron Neylon

Postcodes, meet newspaper
Talis Nodalities: Postcode Paper: What you can do with the right data.

Social Media
1-in-5 Internet users now share updates: Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook. From Pew Internet

Hootsuite: Ow.ly tracking is bad for sharing links. Lots of government users cannot resist tracking.


October #4

Birmingham Post Birmingham law firm to pursue online defamation

Digital Britain
Dissecting ‘The Economic Case for Digital Inclusion’ Ian Cuddy
An extended look at Lord Mandelson’s IP announcement at C&binet Paid Content

Freedom of Information
All FOI requests to this site now categorised Whatdotheyknow

Google docs
Now Exportable in Office and Open Office formats RWW

Civil servants fight off transparency, lobbying industry score big victory Times

Mapping, mobile
Google Maps Navigation: The First Killer App for Android 2.0 RWW

Mapping, Open Source
Mappa Mercia: a project to digitally remap the West Midlands in a free and open format.

Mobile learning
Androids for Africa at the Handheld Learning Conference video

TV Viewing Among children in the US at an Eight-Year High. Age 2-5 32+hours a week Neilsonwire

Record plunge: only 13% of Americans buy a daily newspaper Newsosaur
A graphic history of newspaper circulation over two decades The Awl

Interview with Harry Metcalfe of ernestmarples.com Video
Early Day Motion 2000 sponsored by Tom Watson Parliament

Young people’s use of social networks: dana boyd The Not-So-Hidden Politics of Class Online
danah boyd publications

Open data
Minister for Digital Britain Stephen Timms reports progress on Making Public Data Public
Open data on cities: an international round up. Lichfield, yes. Birmingham, London, not yet. Open Knowledge Foundation

Open government
Local Spending Reports would show how all public money is spent. Localworks

John Denham speech: Openness of data is important for local government RSA speech
Rewiring LocalDirectGov OpenlyLocal

Surveillance UK
New York Times: Ever-Present Surveillance Rankles the British Public. Poole council #RIPA

September #1

Cloud Computing
Cory Doctorow: ‘ the main attraction of the cloud to investors and entrepreneurs is the idea of making money from you, on a recurring, perpetual basis, for something you currently get for a flat rate or for free without having to give up the money or privacy that cloud companies hope to leverage into fortunes.’ Guardian

Digital Britain
Open Rights Group, BT, Which?, TalkTalk, Consumer Focus respond to government plans to disconnect internet users http://bit.ly/4mCuBA
“3.9M or 7M? Behind the UK’s dodgy file-sharing numbers” http://tinyurl.com/l2xsxk Radio 4 More or Less investigation

Winning Open Design for Classroom of the Future http://ping.fm/QsdXh

http://tr.im/yhQJ Google developing a micropayment platform and pitching it to newspapers

Higher Education
Fast Company on free online alternatives to university: Wiley, P2P University, MIT http://bit.ly/bRS40

SSRN Business plans for public WiFi failed to anticipate how residents would use the service. http://bit.ly/2QP6G
Victor Keegan on some online start-ups Guardian

Cardiff Future of Journalism Conference: how newspapers use Twitter (mostly badly) http://bit.ly/rzPGX
Video: Leading academics’ views on whether there’s a future for journalism http://bit.ly/rG2yh
Emily Bell: Proposals For Newspaper Publishers Include Google Micropayments http://cnt.to/hHY good summary

By 2015, chinese government is planning to have 286 cities digitally mapped http://tinyurl.com/omtau4 reports Beijing Review

FT techblog: Apple allows Rhapsody music streams on iPhone: http://bit.ly/46Hy17 Spotify, now RealNetworks. FCC taking an interest.

Open ID
OpenID Pilot Program to be Announced by US Government http://bit.ly/yWSBH

Open Access
MIT OpenCourseWare Shares Some Stats and Prepares to Make Site Improvements http://bit.ly/SgKyS

Simon Garfield on IKEA’s switch from Futura to Verdana: flatpack font
Why does it matter? Illustrated

August #1

Creative Commons

Creative Commons Launches CC OpenID Profile bit.ly

“Rights Expression vs. Rights Enforcement: clarifying the Associated Press story” creativecommons.org


Sematic web

Open Knowledge Foundation: Open Data and the Semantic Web Workshop, London, 13th November 2009: ur1.ca 

JISC project report on Semantic technologies in learning & teaching : bit.ly


Digital Britain

Consultation on legislation to address illicit P2P filesharing ends 15th September www.berr.gov.uk 


Future of journalism

Media Show R4: Observer closure threat, paywalls, Help Me Investigate, hyperlocal, Jeff Jarvis, Paul Bradshaw iPlayer link bit.ly

Reuters Steps Up; Says Linking, Excerpting, Sharing Are Good Things For The News bit.ly



Investigation into Web Content Management in Higher Education Institutions now available bit.ly

Higher Education video podcasting projects: Opencast bit.ly and Steeple bit.ly


Open Government

Openly Local Opens up Local Government data – bit.ly

Guardian talks to director of digital engagement on Twitter & more bit.ly 



The Guardian’s information architect offers tips for designing news apps that are easy to use tr.im


Open access publishing

PLoS Med video for their 5th birthday , editing an open medical publication www.vimeo.com



Nielsen on Enterprise 2.0. Employee led, minimal governance, not going away. www.useit.com

Pew Internet study: 62% of Online Adults Watch Video Online bit.ly

Only 5% of Twitter’s users account for 75% of all the activity on the service; nearly 33% is from bots: bit.ly

“the leading keywords for those with less than 1000 followers are “Web designer”, “love”.. and “Web developer”

July #4


Malcolm Gladwell eviscerates Chris Anderson’s Free. Saving you time as well as money bit.ly



Consultation to reform the rules around commercial radio & local content tr.im

Consultation on liberalising the rules concerning ownership of local media tr.im


Newsgator, Google and RSS

Newsgator: option of paid-for ad-free desktop readers. Synch via Google. Good if you wanted synch with GReader. A lot of people don’t. See comments bit.ly

Techcrunch: NewsGator Discontinues Online RSS Reader, Points To Google Reader bit.ly Desktop readers get Google Reader synchronisation.


Local papers

Andrew Gilligan attack on local authority newspapers in the Evening Standard bit.ly

A good piece about local news, blogs, council newspapers, the Press Association and Digital Britain from 853 blog bit.ly


Sense about Science

Excellent overview of #singhbca by Ben Goldacre pays tribute to “intrepid band of bloggers”: bit.ly

Beware the spinal trap: Simon Singh and chiropractic libel case bit.ly



Chicago’s Horizon Realty Group Sues Woman For $50,000 Over A Tweet bit.ly



Court rules against Blackboard in patent case – bit.ly


You Tube: launches a Reporters’ Centre

“Helping you report the news” bit.ly


Tennenbaum: the price of copyright infringement

Verdict in Joel Tenenbaum case: 22,500 per work. $675,000 total

Fair use is not a defence “Tenenbaum ‘piracy’ case is all over bar the shouting” tinyurl.com

‘How it feels to be sued for $4.5m’ is.gd

July #3



Guardian activate video: resisting repression in Zimbabwe with web media and text messages bit.ly


Online privacy

via Resourceshelf: How to read a privacy policy  tr.im


Who pays for news?

Columbia Journalism Review: Who pays for news? Their paywall will deter some readers.. bit.ly

Gruber on David Simon’s Columbia Journalism Review piece on paywalls bit.ly


Filesharing disconnections

Hull ISP Karoo filesharing disconnections: guilt by accusation, punishment without trial tr.im


The Daily Mail

Dividing the known world into things which killl and things which cure: ‘crowdsourcing the Mail’s ontological project, amazing, fabulous, brilliant’. Inspired by Ben Goldacre tr.im 


Local papers

Economist on closure of local newspapers: Bedworth Echo bit.ly

Roy Greeenslade: local papers fighting a war in print that will be won online bit.ly



Alan Rusbridger talks about new forms of ‘mutual’ news, combining crowsourced material and traditional investigative journalism. Using example photographs from policing the G20 protests and Ian Tomlinson’s death which were supplied by witnesses. Also, the substantial Guardian investigation into corporate tax evasion and the role of Wikileaks in defeating an injunction against publication.

He makes a  case for public subsidy of Press Association newspapers reporting regional news.

Video: Decline of local news may allow corruption in public institutions to grow, Guardian editor warns bit.ly 

Video: Growth of online watchdogs like Fix My Street and They Work for You- are they ‘journalism’ and does it matter? bit.ly 


Culture, Media & Sport press standards committee

investigate alleged use of phone hacking by News of the World

1 video: Guardian editor Alan Rusbridger & Nick Davies bit.ly

2 video: News of the World executives & former editor Andy Coulson  bit.ly



Programme for TED Global at Oxford conferences.ted.com


July #2

NESTA Reboot Britain hightlights

Paul Hodgkin of Patient Opinion’s NESTA essay: How the new economics of voice will change the NHS bit.ly

Howard Rheingold: 21st century literacies 40 min vid blip.tv JD Lasica’s 6 min vid interview : bit.ly


Digital Britain

Stephen Carter: on OFCOM, Cameron, quangos bit.ly


Universities, future of

Stephen Downes has all the links about Demos Edgeless University report bit.ly


News microformat

AP, Media Standards Trust propose news microformat bit.ly


Regional News

Write To Reply consultation on future of regional news: read the document, comment and vote bit.ly

Birmingham Post to cease daily publication? is.gd


Talk About Local

Birmingham news feed pipe features at Hyperlocal labs talkaboutlocal.org


News of the World phone hack allegations

Out-law: Police may have had a duty to notify phone-hacking victims, says privacy expert www.out-law.com

Nick Davies: News of the World phone hacking www.guardian.co.uk