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Links to 27th May

China, US

Internet Statistics: China logging on – shanghaiist.com interesting, v. diff profile from US

Digital Britain

Damian Tambini raises net neutrality as a potential loss in the Carter plan www.prospect-magazine.co.uk

Samknows: project to map UK Broadband notspots www.samknows.com

Research shows there are 3 million UK homes that need faster broadband under gov plans news.bbc.co.uk

Slow broadband? or #notspot make your vote count here www.broadband-notspot.org.uk 


OUT-LAW: Companies and agencies move closer to EU-wide music market www.out-law.com

New rate from PRS for streaming music news.bbc.co.uk

Brian Eno: A living art reborn www.prospect-magazine.co.uk ‘as one business folds, several others open up.’


Jack Schofield: avoid Twitter & Facebook phishing scams. OAuth hopeful www.guardian.co.uk

Last FM/CBS allegation

Last.fm rejects Techcrunch claims of illegal behaviour www.guardian.co.uk

Techcrunch challenges CBS/LastFM: deny sending user data to RIAA www.techcrunch.com

Health, research, reporting

TES ‘Fast food makes kids stupid’ media research reports fail himmelgartencafe.blogspot.com

How to read health news from NHS Behind the headlines www.nhs.uk

Ben Goldacre on recent bad reporting of health stories www.badscience.net

Freedom of Information Act

Open Rights Group: comprehensive report on the application of the Freedom of Information Act over the last four years reutersinstitute.politics.ox.ac.uk

BBC’s internal angst re Phorm www.whatdotheyknow.com (revealed by FOI request via WhatDoTheyKnow.com )

Newspapers, blogs, journalism

Padraig Reidy: on free speech ISPs, libel & Nadine Dorries www.guardian.co.uk

Mail on Sunday court apology to Tom Watson MP over Draper emails allegation: entirely untrue www.tom-watson.co.uk

Browser enhancement, Google reader

Shane Richmond: Google Reader bundles blogs.telegraph.co.uk

reframeit.com  Lessig and Rheingold on the board. Browser dependent (FF or IE7) Comment alongside web pages, then share by tweet, email or RSS.

Creative & Science Commons

Open Innovation and IP – Creative & Science Commons discussed at NESTA – webcast now up www.nesta.org.uk

Open Access, Open Knowledge

Questions for the European Parliament from the research community concerning Open Access – www.europenscience.org

Slides, audio and photos from Open Knowledge 2009 are now available okfn.org

Research Information Network developing a scholarly communications toolkit www.earlham.edu

Paying fees for open access publishing: strategic response needed | RIN www.rin.ac.uk


Links to 18th May


Limewire – thoughts on their prospects based on a recent interview jeremy1.wordpress.com


Tipping point: Cambridge University Press rescue www.guardian.co.uk and Scribd store www.nytimes.com

O’Reilly: Scribd opens storefront for ebooks radar.oreilly.com

Espresso on-demand book printer. With video bookshop.blackwell.co.uk

Internet and Society

CCTV schemes in city and town centres have little effect on crime, says report www.guardian.co.uk

How to get what we all want: Zittrain on civic technology www.cato-unbound.org

The Future of the Internet by Jonathan Zittrain is available in a commentpress edition yupnet.org


Literature re-told in the Little Book of Twitter bookfutures.blogspot.com Ulysses: overtweeting

What the hashtag: user-editable encyclopedia for hashtags found on Twitter  wthashtag.com

Copyright and education

Internet Archive Requests Copyright Indemnity  Open Education News openeducationnews.org

More about the Derrida case: ‘Argentina Copyright Case Brings Access To Education Into The Spotlight’ www.thelicensingplate.com

US: Testimony on the DMCA Film Clip Compilation Exemption digital-scholarship.org

Open Innovation, Creative Commons, OpenAccess

YouTube – Peter Suber on the Future of Open Access  www.youtube.com

John Wilbanks’ presentation at  NESTA: Open Innovation, Creative Commons – scienceblogs.com

Digital Britain #digitalbritain

UK’s games industry demands action to stop brain drain www.guardian.co.uk

Overcome obstacles to more free wifi in british cafes wperrin.blogspot.com

Why UK shouldn’t invest in upgrades to broadband infrastructure joannejacobs.net

The engineer’s view: ex BT CTO on DIY broadband aggregation networks.silicon.com

Senate hearings on music royalties

In the US, the Senate has been holding Judiciary Committee hearings on music royalties.

Is internet radio on track to be a $20 billion (that’s billion) advertising market, as claimed by John Simson of Soundexchange?

Or is internet radio a fledgling industry, likely to collapse under the burden of royalty payments imposed by the Copyright Review Board?

Pandora is the largest internet radio company with revenues of $25 million. $18 million of which will be paid in royalties to … Soundexchange. Continue reading Senate hearings on music royalties