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Links to 4th June

Democracy, EU

EU elections: how to vote? What do the parties stand for? 

A tool which helps you decide from Unlock Democracy  www.votematch.co.uk

Open Rights Group survey: Do your MEP candidates care about digital rights? www.openrightsgroup.org

Open Rights Group: MEP survey results and contact info euelection.openrightsgroup.org

Democracy, UK

UK Hansard survey: how do you use the net to connect with your MP or Parliament? ow.ly

Freedom of Information

Full Text Book: Freedom of information: a comparative legal survey (2nd Edition) www.resourceshelf.com

Information design

Sidenote from @arc90 lab.arc90.com used to fully annotate Moby Dick www.powermobydick.com

OU podcast where Tony Hirst discusses WriteToReply: cands.open.ac.uk


Is Twitter dominated by men? www.guardian.co.uk

New Twitter Research: Men Follow Men and Nobody Tweets http://bit.ly/1Gs40W


OUT-LAW: Copyright treaty backing e-books for disabled readers survives US and EU resistance www.out-law.com

Harvard Business School working paper: File Sharing and Copyright http://bit.ly/KSHL9

Privacy, data collection

KnowPrivacy: The Current State of Web Privacy, Data Collection, and Information Sharing www.docuticker.com


Google Tracks Users Visting 92% of the Top 100 Websites www.theregister.co.uk

Google Squared is now live — try it out for yourself googleblog.blogspot.com


“YouTube holds out after UK body drops music streaming fees” arstechnica.com

Guardian: How Last.fm is thinking outside the jewel case http://bit.ly/183EEm

Digital Britain

FT: Media chiefs urge tougher action on internet piracy. ISPs to enforce traxfer.ft.com




No extension of copyright exemption for mashups

“The Government has responded to a consultation paper published by the European Commission on copyright reform. That consultation asks whether the European Union’s Copyright Directive should be amended to introduce exemptions for ‘user-created content’. User-created content can include individuals’ use of professionally-produced music, film, video or images for a new or different purpose to the original.

The Government rejected proposed changes that would exempt such users of copyrighted material from restrictions in copyright law.”

The response cites Creative Commons and the agreement between MCPS-PRS (now PRS for music) and YouTube to license use of music.

Government’s recommendation is for improved forms of licensing by copyright holders which allow for re-use, rather than a reduction in the scope of copyright.

UK opposes copyright exemptions for mash-ups

via Out-law.com, with link to the response PDF http://bit.ly/XDAC2

PRS for music   http://www.prsformusic.com/

CDs down, downloads up

“The amount of money that songwriters received from sales of CDs fell by 15 per cent in the first half of this year, according to figures to be published this week by the MCPS-PRS Alliance, which collects royalties for songwriters and composers.”

Declining CD sales mean songwriters will earn more from performance rights – playback in shops and pubs, than recorded music sales.

MCPS-PRS increased revenue from internet downloads to £82.3m

The Observer

Songwriters see slump in profits from CD sales