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Apple to developers

We have decided to drop the non-disclosure agreement (NDA) for released iPhone software.

(Via Daring Fireball)

Nobody reads EULAs

Flashmagazine reports a Senior Director of Engineering at Adobe confirming that Adobe have a Flash player for iPhone in development.

We’ve been here before. In March Sun announced they would develop Java for iPhone, without noticing that the EULA does not allow apps to launch executables.The Register

Adobe can get a player ready for the iPhone, but Apple don’t have to approve it.

John Gruber explains again, why this is not going to happen.

The conference Flash on the Beach at Brighton (UK) looks like the place to be for Flashionistas.

Their report also links to a thoughtful piece by a Flash developer about why Flash on the iPhone is not a good idea.


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“At my company, our lawyers advised us to keep what we considered more-or-less public software under NDA for a very long time because demoing software to someone under NDA, no matter how many people it is, avoids “publishing” the software and any inventions contained therein.  We know Apple’s been building up a patent strategy around multi-touch; maybe their lawyers believe there are patentable inventions described in the iPhone SDK and they are telling Apple to keep everything under NDA until they know provisional patents can be filed within a reasonable amount of time (you get a year after publishing in the US, but in the EU, I think you forfeit any patent claims once your invention is “published”).”

continues at Daring Fireball

Multi-touch, patents, lawyers: plausible. Continue reading iPhone NDA, patents, innovation