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February #1

A New Issue of Ariadne (#62) is Now Available. See Democratising Archives and the Production of Knowledge

Digital Economy Bill
Orphan works: leading museums & libraries support online access
Times: Unlock collections for access to all

Ebooks, libraries
Mortgaging the future of universities the e-book package way

Freedom of Information
Out-law: how to appeal an ICO decision: new guidance published

Google book settlement
Open Book Alliance Responds to Google’s Request for an Amended Google Books Settlement Approval

What should news on iPad look like? Great interview with Guardian iPhone app designer

Mapping, OpenStreetMap
Guardian: Meet the Wikipedia of the mapping world
Google or Open StreetMap? Transparency slider control

New statistics about Social Networking, Mobile, and Internet Traffic
dana boyd publication list young people & social networking


October #2

Remix culture: “On the Legal Consequences of Sauces: Should [..]Recipes Be Per Se Copyrightable?” SSRN

Google Book Settlement
Google co-founder Sergey Brin on book settlement NY Times

Wikileaks devising a platform for anonymously leaking material to news outlets, others. ComputerWorld

Media Law
Super Injunctions: the Trafigura story
Libel law: Simon Singh wins leave to appeal in BCA libel case Index

Open Education Resources
A chat with Stephen Downes on OER CC Talks

Talis blog on #postcodes #ernestmarples and access to public data Nodalities

Privacy policy tool failed because of browser rejection, says W3C lawyer Out-Law

Open Research: The personal, the social, and the political Cameron Neylon

US politics & Twitter: 5% of users account for 75% of activity Resource Shelf

85 wordpress plugins for blogging journalists Online Journalism Blog

September #5

Google Book Settlement
Huffington Post Pamela Samuelson: Google Book Settlement 1.0 Is History
UK academics: JISC seeks your views on the US Google book Settlement. A Write To Reply service.

Government 2.0
San Francisco App Store, open data – staff and citizens encouraged to build the government they want Mashable DataSF App Showcase
COI: benefits of government website auditing: open, transparent and accountable Digigov
Full List of UK Councils now online (and accessible via API) CountCulture
Opening up local government information. Chris Taggart’s presentation to Advisory Panel on Public Sector Information

Information Architecture
Survival of the flattest: how to futureproof your website’s IA Mission Creep

Read newspapers on your home computer! (1981 video) YouTube
Five projects on the frontier of text-based data analysis and visualization Nieman Lab
DocumentCloud: investigative journalism organisations+ Open Calais Nieman Lab interview
Full audio and transcript of Clay Shirky’s talk at Harvard on the future of news Nieman Lab
Pie chart: what an education company (Pearson) that owns a newspaper (Financial Times) looks like

Net Neutrality
FCC & net neutrality: Boing Boing notes inconsistency

Open Access
Why open access? University of Salford’s Vice-Chancellor Martin Hall makes the case

Public data
Improving data visualisation for the public sector DataViz

Useful round-up of remote user testing services Website Magazine

September #4

DIY science
US students take stunning images of Earth from space: budget $150. Video

Digital Britain
Salford conference on the future of local media. Report

Google Apps
Google Apps and government Google public policy blog

Google Book Settlement
Google agrees to revise book scanning settlement Out-Law
Updated with Several New Items: Google Book Settlement Hearing Postponed ResourceShelf
Pamela Samuelson: Department of Justice says no to Google book settlement Huffington Post

Clay Shirky: Let a thousand flowers bloom to replace newspapers: don’t build a paywall around a public good. Nieman Lab transcript and audio

Net Neutrality
FCC Proposes New Rules to Ensure Net Neutrality – Launches OpenInternet.Gov Read Write Web
John Naughton: Openness is the key Memex 1.1

Oxford Social Media Convention 2009
Agenda from the conference. Video will be available. Check the Oxford Internet Institute site.
What we learned at the Oxford Social Media Convention Guardian
‘Once the secret police had to torture dissidents to find out who their friends are. Now they can look on Facebook’ Morozov
Evgeney Morozov at TED: How the internet aids dictatorships video
Morozov on Internet and Society Dissent Magazine

August #3

How long does it take to create one hour of eLearning? http://bit.ly/EeLbN
Scholarly publishing with WordPress http://bit.ly/kW34Q

New Scientist: worldwide government initiatives to block, filter and control the internet http://bit.ly/1WesNZ

Google Book Settlement
BBC on Amazon, Microsoft and Yahoo signing up to Open Book Alliance re Google Book Settlement http://bit.ly/tuSSk
Peter Brantley and the Open Book Alliance – throwing the book at Google http://bit.ly/45PRvS

“The real reason why the major labels love Spotify” http://tinyurl.com/ornatz Labels OK. Artists ‘earn about the same as busking’.
From Telegraph Tech: Spotify to make ‘significant’ revenue for UK record labels ‘within six months’ http://bit.ly/KIXQs
Good news for internet radio: skipping tracks is not an ‘interactive service’ US judgement http://bit.ly/16GjPt

Digital Britain
Internet cut-off threat for illegal downloadershttp://tinyurl.com/nv4dxc
BIS press release on file sharing disconnections http://bit.ly/tCw7e

NewsTrust launches Smart Feeds: news stories by journalists on Twitter & trusted sites. http://bit.ly/15mOGj
Birmingham Post faces threat of going weekly: Trinity Mirror has confirms review http://bit.ly/j9ZtO
“Dissociated Press” James Boyle FT column on news and journalism business http://bit.ly/wZon

BBC: people who engage in media “multitasking” are those least able to do so well, according to researchers http://bit.ly/y5WJn