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September #3

Book sharing site Scribd rejects claims of copyright infringement Guardian

Creative Commons
CC publishes study on interpreting “non-commercial” under CCBY & CC0 Creative Commons

Digital Britain
Attitudes to supporting non-BBC regional news from the licence fee. Preliminary findings. DCMS study.

How exactly is Facebook making money? Guardian
How Facebook tried to put a shine on $9.5m privacy suit Guardian

Government 2.0
Usability, council websites and the obligation to promote democracy Local Democracy

Nieman Reports Fall 2009: Journalism & Social Media <- essential reading
Shane Richmond article for Nieman Reports about the development of My Telegraph
Murdoch hails electronic reading devices “no paper, no printing plants, no unions,” said Mr Murdoch, behind the FT paywall.

Open Access
5 US universities commit to open access publishing Digital & Scholarly

OUT-LAW: Hidden Flash cookies track even opt-out users on web’s biggest sites.

Science writing
New York Times on the Simon Singh case: the high costs of English libel law for science writing
Sense about science Keep Libel Laws Out of Science campaign

Paul Graham: The list of n things is the cheeseburger of essay forms


iPhone developer news

Do the right thing

Apple to developers

We have decided to drop the non-disclosure agreement (NDA) for released iPhone software.

(Via Daring Fireball)

Nobody reads EULAs

Flashmagazine reports a Senior Director of Engineering at Adobe confirming that Adobe have a Flash player for iPhone in development.

We’ve been here before. In March Sun announced they would develop Java for iPhone, without noticing that the EULA does not allow apps to launch executables.The Register

Adobe can get a player ready for the iPhone, but Apple don’t have to approve it.

John Gruber explains again, why this is not going to happen.

The conference Flash on the Beach at Brighton (UK) looks like the place to be for Flashionistas.

Their report also links to a thoughtful piece by a Flash developer about why Flash on the iPhone is not a good idea.