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July #1


France, copyright and internet access

Hadopi 2 Passes French Senate twurl.nl 


Information design

“Building Better White Papers” bit.ly  DFID policy document, summaries, video, links to ways of being active. Offers users a choice of levels of engagement with policy from one location.


Internet Radio

Pandora: ‘The royalty crisis is over!’ Tim Westergen on surviving the Copyright Review Board years bit.ly

Social by Social

Social media for social impact NESTA publish Social by Social handbook. bit.ly

Will Perrin: What social media means for government, from Social by Social bit.ly 



Write To Reply: new consultation: Sustainable Independent and Impartial News in the Regions: bit.ly 


Open Knowledge Foundation

Open Knowledge announce Open Database licence v1.0 bit.ly

New developments on ‘Where Does My Money Go?’: ur1.ca


UK policy

UK Government response to e-petition on Open-sourcing local government information ff.im 

Update on Digital Britain bit.ly



A Twitter Search Primer tr.im



Recovery.gov’s Data Transparency Called “Significant Failure” by Watchdog Group bit.ly 



Video of Channel 4 event Recasting The Net is.gd Tom Loosemore, Helen Milner, Matthew D’Acona on the future of online 


“Wired Editor Caught Copying And Pasting Wikipedia Into His New Book” www.businessinsider.com Chris Anderson. Free, as in lunch. Hugely entertaining.


Links to 15th May


EUObserver: Commission gives Paris a pass over piracy billhttp://tr.im/lmSs

French Senate Sets Up Three-Strikes Clash With Euro Parliament http://tr.im/lg3W

French Assembly Finally Approves Three-Strikes By Slim Majority | paidContent:UK http://tumblr.com/xle1rl3p1

Digital Britain #digitalbritain

UK Intellect response to Digital Rights Agency. Job done http://tr.im/lkgG

CNET iPlayer interview: Anthony Rose on bandwidth, iPhone, not P2P, Air, DRM http://tr.im/ljlU

Guardian, Rick Wray: that mobile broadband plan in full http://bit.ly/3F1s2

The question is not whether we are going to deploy new infrastructure; the question is “who will own it?”http://tr.im/ldy0

US research: Broadband policy: beyond privatization, competition and independent regulation http://tr.im/ldx9

C4/BBC world agreement ‘by 16 June’ http://tr.im/lddM

Report from the Independent Spectrum Broker published today http://tiny.cc/q2y3I

50% of off-peak traffic P2P. UK Film Council lobbies for disconnection http://tr.im/l9tc

ISPA response to creative industries call for filesharing disconnections http://tr.im/l9Gn

“UK ISPs refuse to play Internet copyright cops” http://tinyurl.com/rch9pm


Charlie Beckett: Jarre ‘experiment on credibility of new media..indicates that online is better at correcting than MSM’http://is.gd/zfSf

PWC study says people will pay for news http://tr.im/l9JX

Community Funded Reporting: Spot Us 6 months onhttp://tr.im/lahC via @NiemanLab

Open Access, Creative Commons

Science Commons’ John Wilbanks podcast on Knowledge Interoperability http://tr.im/ln8o brilliant

Peter M-R: Trust in scientific publishing http://tr.im/ln3U scientific societies, Elsevier / Merck ‘journal’

A Copyright Story – http://bit.ly/9FuXT moral: scientists – don’t give up your copyright, it’s not necessary

Berkman Center lecture: David Bollier on Governing the Digital Commons http://tr.im/lhyX

New Bloomsbury science series [published under noncommercial creative commons licences] : http://bit.ly/fJrE2

Music, P2P

University league table: international ranking by copyright infringements http://tr.im/lfsU

P2P study: Music crackdown is bad for business – http://bit.ly/2AUsIT

FOI, Open Government

Guardian, Roger Smith: Protect the private and make transparent the public  http://bit.ly/Yrv3T

Justice Minister tells ZDNet UK: FoI to apply to private cos doing public sector work http://bit.ly/NBtav

Links to 6th May

US Senate

Sunlight Foundation: Senate posts votes in XML  http://bit.ly/Il7hF

Europe Telecoms Package #telecomspackage #EU

OUT-LAW: European Parliament vetoes telecoms reform, demands court order for ISP disconnection http://tinyurl.com/dd82gb

LaQuadrature: Amendment 138/46 adopted again. Internet is a fundamental right in Europe. http://tr.im/kDjJ

EU vote: Trautman Citizens Rights amendments adopted! EU parliament live http://tr.im/kDg6 

Malcolm Harbour account of EU telecoms packagehttp://tr.im/kCGV Detailed rebuttal http://www.blackouteurope.eu/

Last Chance to Save the European Internet –http://bit.ly/1Y9fT there’s a vote tomorrow which may kill net neutrality.

Why you should lobby your MEP to vote for the Citizens Rights Amendment to Telecoms Package vote on May 6th http://tr.im/kw28 #EU#telecoms

URGENT: Ask MEPs to adopt Citizens’ Rights Amendments on May the 6th Telecoms Package vote http://tr.im/kvXT

Political memory: MEP voting Rapport Lambrinidis on strengthening security and fundamental freedoms on the Internet http://tr.im/kvJm


Unofficial translation into plain English of Home Office consultation on changes to internet privacy & ISP record keeping by Simply Understood  http://tr.im/kvFQ


UK: Report: Copyright – what is the future for education and research? http://tinyurl.com/d2uv3g

NYTimes: “E.U. to Hear Proposal for Cross-Border Net Copyright” http://tinyurl.com/c92saz


Future of Journalism congressional hearing streaming live now http://bit.ly/ovjSH

Local news, with context: Matt Thompson unveils his innovative, “context-rich” news site in Columbia, Mo.http://tr.im/knM8


Apple product speculation: How the Apple iPad Could Kill the Kindle. PCmag http://tr.im/kGk5

iPhone Newspapers app, Sun removed by Apple because of  page 3 http://tr.im/kA56 50 newspapers for £0.59

Clean Up Your Twitter Account With Nest Unclutterer http://tinyurl.com/cp5rjn farewell, spambabes

How to Watch Hulu Around the World http://tinyurl.com/dfy6jp End of geoblocking.

The new, big-screen Kindle, Plastic Logic reader and newspaper subscriptions http://tr.im/kpKj<tethered devices, too late?>

E-Books: Amazon Plans Academic Push With New Kindle http://tinyurl.com/canj96 reports Wall Street Journal

Apple Submits New Spec for Live Streaming to IETF http://bit.ly/wiMKa

Digital Britain

Lord Carter hints that mobile networks could deliver the Digital Britain plan –http://tinyurl.com/c33bd5

Birmingham Digital Britain Unconference http://tr.im/kwRefind yours here http://tr.im/kwRz report http://tr.im/kwT5#dbuc09#digitalbritain

The main themes from the first digitalbritainunconference meeting from Cameron Neylon http://tr.im/kr1o

Notes from the RAL Digital Britain Unconference http://digitalbritainunconf… #dbuc09 #digitalbritain

Digital Britain unconference at RAL Oxford. Thanks Cameron Neylon for organising. Find yours at http://tr.im/khMu