Creative Commons, copyright & IP in April

Copyright Criminals documentary: sampling & IP law

A documentary titled Copyright Criminals, which examines the messy three-way collision between digital technology, musical collage, and intellectual property law used 400 brief but unlicensed clips.

‘… one of those slapped with a suit was George Clinton—for sampling one of his own records. True story. “Yeah, I got sued for sampling my own stuff,” Clinton told us with a bemused smile.’

Copyright Criminals


Dutch government flips entire web copyright to CC0 by default


Science Commons: we’re launching the public discussion period for our CC patent tools


Peer-to-patent lets the public participate in the examination of patent applications Community Patent Review



Journalism in April

Follow the money. Tools for reporters investigating companies

The Investigative Dashboard, or ID, is a space for investigative journalists and citizen reporters to find resources, share information, and learn new ‘tricks of the trade’.

ID is not, however, just a collection of tools and tips. It is also part of an international initiative to encourage collaborative trans-national work and to build networks between investigative reporters across the globe.

Organized crime and corruption doesn’t stop at national borders, so why should journalists?


Investigative Dashboard




Bureau of Investigative Journalism: Pitch us your stories

The Bureau of Investigative Journalism has issued an open invitation for journalists with great unpublished stories to pitch them for possible funding.

The Bureau is based at City University and was officially launched yesterday after receiving £2m in funding last year from the Potter Foundation

Press Gazette



Local democracy

Council decision-making is ‘more secretive today than ever’ – Roy Greenslade Guardian April 15th

Political Studies Association paper J Morrison: Spin, smoke-filled rooms, and the decline of council reporting by local newspapers download pdf


Hansard Society report Digital citizens & democratic engagement download pdf


Opening up local election data

“As well as the general election on May 6th, there are also a number of local council elections too. With this in mind it’s become clear that election data needs to be opened up, so as well as knowing what councillor sits on what committee, people can also find out when they were elected, how many votes they’ve received, as well as things like voter turnout.”



Jadu blog


10 new case studies of examples of good involvement by public bodies: Urban Forum



John Naughton: Cloud computing: the carbon footprint. Greenpeace report Make IT Green: Cloud Computing and its Contribution to Climate Change


Guardian: Scientists cleared of malpractice in UEA’s hacked emails inquiry 14th April


Green ICT projects showcased: Sustainable ICT projects in six universities and colleges JISC


How we built the UK national carbon calculator Datastore


Five favourite sustainability-related TED talks of the past 5 years: Earth day the TED way 22nd April


Economist: Hydrogen tries again


From the beginning, the cloud hanging over the whole hydrogen enterprise has not been the power source as such, but the intractable difficulty of distributing and storing the stuff.


Google in April


Google Maps Navigation video UK

Google has enabled the turn-by-turn GPS navigation on all devices running Android version 1.6 or later


Out-law: Privacy commissioners collaborate on anti-Google action


Privacy watchdogs from 10 countries from around the world have written to Google to protest at those parts of its services that they believe “[betray] a disappointing disregard for fundamental privacy norms and law”.


The privacy commissioners have called on Google and any other organisation operating internationally to make sure that their services comply with the privacy laws in all the countries covered by a service.



Conferences in April

Technology priorities for Higher Education JISC 2010 Conference 12th and 13th April

Presentations available


Sustainability LIve 20th and 21st April

Presentations from the Achieving low carbon business opportunities seminar programme are available for download

Open Knowledge Foundation conference 24th April

programme  #okcon



Site for the ‘PayItForward’ RepRap meetups shown at #okcon


#okcon notes collected here in a  piratepad


Research papers contributed to #okcon 2010 are now online Proceedings of the 5th Open Knowledge Conference




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