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“I encourage students to avoid PowerPoint.” List of more than 100 interactive presentation media from Howard Rheingold


News today: Twitter as newspaper eg

After blowing $120MM of VC funding Ning is laying off 40% of its staff and dumping free versions of its service

37 Signals tells it like it is


#Twitter @anywhere prototypes from the Guardian Open Platform


Such Tweet Sorrow #RSC #mudlark Romeo & Juliet, Twitter.


Posterous Releases iPhone, Android Optimized Mobile Sites The Next Web


ArchivePress – archive your blog/RSS feed using WordPress Archive Press Release Candidate


So – who’s going to WordCamp UK 2010?





Google Wave

A roundup of first reactions

Read Write Web: Google Wave hands-on

Preview video

Cameron Neylon on Wave and Open Science

Jeff Jarvis on Wave and News

Google Wave Drips With Ambition. A New Communication Platform For A New

Mobile video: HD cameras

This blog does not, of course, carry out product reviews or recommend any products. But I know you want to read about new kit. So I’ll link to some product reviews, whilst making broad cultural assertions about the future of mobile devices.

Starting with David Pogue in the New York Times reviewing the Flip, a pocket sized video recorder. He really liked it. Review

You can also watch some footage from the video link on that page. It explains the benefits and shows the camera in action, but it’s like watching a children’s TV programme.

For contrast, try a really demanding review with living-room production values. the Creative Vado and Flip get the sceptical tech treatment. This guy is not easily impressed. Velour sofas. It’s an authentic tech review. Continue reading Mobile video: HD cameras


Sometimes you need to know about new software right now. This is one of those moments.

PicLens from Cooliris is an immersive, full screen environment that displays content (images and Flash video) as a dynamic wall of thumbnails. The wall can be manipulated with the click of a mouse to scroll and zoom, and you can switch to a “playlist-like” view of the folder contents with a single click.

This is better explained by seeing it in action. Have a look

And then

“The PicLens Plugin for WordPress makes it easy for you to provide your readers with an immersive slideshow experience. Visitors simply click a “start slideshow” link (see example) to activate PicLens Lite, a slick filmstrip-style presentation console. From there, they can play or pause your slideshow, or better yet dive into a full-screen mode.”

This plug-in is for server installation only. Not available for WordPress hosted blogs.

You can also add a gallery to your website. Full instructions here.

Google Reader

If you need another feedreader, Google Reader works from any computer with online access and on any mobile phone browser.

Requires registration for a Google account.
Imagine, newsfeeds wherever you go. Great for organisations using RSS to keep their workforce informed- as long as they provide a separate mobile/PDA for work. Think mobile apps, Google Android.
Following endless media coverage of Blackberry users’ mobile email habits, (at mealtimes, lying to family about use, hiding in the bathroom to email..) prepare for a round of stories about newsfeed addiction.

Google/more/Google Reader


In the first lecture I talked about RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds and encouraged everyone to try out a dedicated feed reader. As you monitor more news feeds/waste more of your life on the web, a feedreader allows you to manage information more effectively.

RSS brings you a preview of updated content on a website or blog. You no longer have to remember or make the effort to visit a website, unless there is some new content which is of interest to you. Subscribers can skim read the headlines and select what is useful to them. They can do this when it is convenient for them. At the time you subscribe a feedreader will pick up all recent posts, so you have a historical view of a site which allows you to see something relevant, although it was posted a month ago.

Continue reading Feedreaders