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From the beginning, the cloud hanging over the whole hydrogen enterprise has not been the power source as such, but the intractable difficulty of distributing and storing the stuff.



One thought on “Carbon”

  1. Just wish to comment on the Economist “Hydrogen Tries Again” article.
    It appears the article does not discuss the requirements for producing hydrogen, especially in the quantities required for powering transport.

    Unfortunately it appears that all of the methods of actually PRODUCING hydrogen involve the production of CO2.
    In some processes it appears that hydrogen is a bi product for the production of other substances, but still CO2 is produced.

    No wonder that hydrogen has lost favour, might as well use an extention cord for your electric car.

    Like the electric car, battery driven or otherwise, hydrogen use still has no effect on net carbon emission quantities.(unless you have lots of nuclear,hydro or wind power to spare)



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