Links to 26th April

Digital Britain

Now that’s what I call social networking Cameron Neylon on #digitalbritain phenomenon and what it means

The #digitalbritain unconference website is now live:

Full Digital Britain Summit proceedings uploaded video & transcripts.

Discussion of content, copyright, new business models is this ‘poetry’ session

Google News

Google news timeline searchable timeline. Multiple sources.

Google news map: another interface for Google news

Journalism, 1939

The Orwell Diaries

Web publishing

The professional skills every government web publisher should have


John Gruber on Twitter UI design: ideal iPhone service, no friction in switching apps


EU telecoms vote 5th May: find your MEP

EU set to vote to remove neutrality from the net, give ISPs and govts the power to arbitrarily block site

European Parliament backs 70-year copyright term for sound recordings

IP minister rules out ‘three strikes’ disconnection law