Links to 22nd April

Press complaint: Nick Davies tells MPs of smear threat from newspaper

US forces used almost 20,000 rounds of “non-lethal” ammo/CS gas on Iraqis in 2007-2008

The Weapons That Kill Civilians — Deaths of Children and Noncombatants in Iraq, 2003–..

Oxford University Press Releases Lessons from the Identity Trail Anonymity, Privacy and Identity in a Networked Society Under CC License

EU telecoms vote: Amendment 138 saved – but not the Internet –

Dan Gillmore Berkman Center talk: Why media consumers, not just creators, need to be active users

UK mobile operators blocking Pirate Bay

EU copyright extension vote:

FT editorial: Do not enclose the cultural commons

Wednesday: last day to tell your MEPs: Do not enclose the cultural commons – funded by MoJ, hosted by MySociety

Lobbying USA: 2008 return on investment for clients hiring only the PMA Group to get them earmarks was 2,703%.

See who won Apps for America

Dan Kennedy: Newspapers won’t be saved by charging for content online

Lessig review of Andrew Keen’s Cult of the Amateur. Enjoy!

Ars Technica: Internet Archive, Google Book search, Open Content Alliance

FT: When newspapers fold good state of the industry piece.

Berkman Centre lecture: Law for a Flat World: Building Legal Infrastructure for the New Economy

Video was a crucial component of David Barstow’s Pulitzer-winning “Message Machine” series. See it here:

NYT: Message Machine Behind TV Analysts, Pentagon’s Hidden Hand

Roundup of coverage on Google book settlement & orphan works

Decentralized moderation is the chat room savior

Important post by Scoble on the last meal the newspapers are giving away

Paper. Miranda Mowbray: Cloud computing and the law

What are the Legal Implications of Cloud Computing? –

Demonstrating respect for rights? A human rights approach to policing protest

NESTA publishes Attacking the Recession report on how a more innovative economy can beat the recession:

Internet Archive wants same terms with “orphan” books as Google gets.

BERR has never said Phorm is fully compliant with UK legislation

Featured documentary: Good Copy, Bad Copy , featuring Girl Talk and lawyers talking rap. Also feat classic Lessig mixes, interviews, TPB, Nigerian film industry and Brazilian remixers

40 culture feeds on Twitter. From Dan Colman, Open Culture

Stephen Downes: Blackboard patent application, all 57 claims rejected

Open educational materials by other means? Universities and Freedom of Information requests

Peter Brantley of Internet Archive on the Google Books Settlement

How to have your say through public consultations

Another way to improve government documents: better writing

Daily Kos: where we get our information not Associated Press 

Objection to Google Scanning Settlement Filed