Links to 17th April

Why the Pirate Bay verdict is GOOD for piracy – analysis from Evgeny Morozov

British Library Google generation research download

Google bringing pay-per-view to YouTube

Goverment announces RIPA review in wake of EU threat

Open Knowledge Foundation wiki OKcon 09 was good

Papers from the 5th Communia workshop #communia Public data, science, IP, publishing, BBC archive, WIPO, public domain

Tom Watson MP Communia workshop speech What we need is an “easy-to-use licensing scheme for government data”

RIAA DRM Mashup Smackdown A competition to remix testimony on DRM. Fun with fair use.

Life after death? The Soviet system in British higher (not Open Access)

Why eliminate the peer-review of baseline grants? All about the cost of peer review

“Election Copyright – They’re Playing Our Song” Conservative remixing vs artist’s moral right

“France to have second vote on Internet piracy law”

New Report from Pew: The Internet’s Role in Campaign 2008

Internet Advertising Bureau “Good Practice Principles” on Behavioural Targeting Supported by OFCOM CEO

Travel organizer has a new iPhone app Tripit API supports OAuth

ccLearn Recommendations: Increase Funding Impact to launch in May. Slashdot and

Cost of peer review exceeds the cost of giving every researcher a grant –

EU Commissioner – Protecting privacy in the digital age