Links to 2nd April

  1. Featured Artists Coalition – ‘extend copyright, if rights revert to artists after 50 years’ via out-law 

  2. Traffic stats from Stockholm via torrentfreak
  3. Torrentfreak on first day of new Swedish Intellectual Property Rights Enforcement Directive anti-piracy law 

  4. RT @guardiantech: Google and Bebo consider opting out of Phorm
  5. Peter Suber, SPARC: 25 Myths About Open Access – via @glynmoody
  6. RT @Joscelyn: “Why Copyright Extensions are Bad for Artists” (via @CopyrightLaw) 

  7. EFF: Every Vote Counts: the EU Copyright Term Extension Battle Heats Up. 11 countries vote against extension 

  8. Digital Britain: Consumer Group Opposes Rights Agency ‘lack of due process’ 

  9. Crafting an Effective Copyright Law. Society for Computers & Law lecture online 

  10. Ars Technica: Publishers cut book sharing deal with Scribd <some publishers, some journalists, get it>3/3 

  11. Scribd to Times: Whatever happened to Fact Checking? (not in Times comments) 2/3 

  12. Times: Authors fight free books site Scribd for ‘pirating’ their work 1/3 

  13. Digital Britain: who commented? What did they say?