Comment on Digital Britain report by 12th March

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The Digital Britain Interim Report sets out a blueprint for the future of media in the UK.

The deadline for public response to the Report is 12th March.

You can easily comment through the Write To Reply site.

Comment a lot or a little, but do it soon.

What is Write To Reply? A site for commenting on public reports in detail.  Texts are broken down into their respective sections for easier consumption. Rather than comment on the text as a whole, you are encouraged to direct comments to specific paragraphs.

An official Digital Britain discussion site is now available. WriteToReply comments are being fed through and displayed on the front page.

NESTA hosted a panel session with Lord Carter on “Delivering Digital Britain”. You can watch video or hear a recording of the session here: Delivering Digital Britain.

What do other people think? A page of industry reactions from The Guardian 

Carter Report on Digital Britain

Download the report for print and offline reading


One thought on “Comment on Digital Britain report by 12th March”

  1. The posting of comments on the write to reply and the digital britain forum seems to have slowed down to a crawl. I think this is because people don’t know what to make of it all, it seems sensible, but leaves so much undone and unsaid that most people won’t know where to start…
    …but start they must or the deadline will pass and as it stands it is nowhere near corrected.

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