Sometimes you need to know about new software right now. This is one of those moments.

PicLens from Cooliris is an immersive, full screen environment that displays content (images and Flash video) as a dynamic wall of thumbnails. The wall can be manipulated with the click of a mouse to scroll and zoom, and you can switch to a “playlist-like” view of the folder contents with a single click.

This is better explained by seeing it in action. Have a look


And then

“The PicLens Plugin for WordPress makes it easy for you to provide your readers with an immersive slideshow experience. Visitors simply click a “start slideshow” link (see example) to activate PicLens Lite, a slick filmstrip-style presentation console. From there, they can play or pause your slideshow, or better yet dive into a full-screen mode.”


This plug-in is for server installation only. Not available for WordPress hosted blogs.

You can also add a gallery to your website. Full instructions here.



6 thoughts on “PicLens”

  1. I have had a bit of an issue with piclens unfortunately, It works fine when there are only a few images with low file-size. However, when I tried to persuade it to playback 10 images from a 5Mpx camera, it stumbled to a halt. Now, this could be due to my server, or the broadband link, but as it completely froze the browser, I am not certain.

    That said, it is a fantastic package, and development really needs to be continued so it can be a market leader package.

  2. That’s right 😉
    It’s a tool for publishing images.
    May work as an alternative presentation tool.
    Also gets around the image display limitations of the standard WordPress templates. See also, Big Picture.

    No Linux version though …

  3. OK, that will teach me to comment before fully reading the site info – looks like the wordpress plugin may be exactly what I am looking for to do a paper prototyping presentation, but fed from my blog rather than using something like 280screen.com. As I host my own wordpress server, I will look at downloading this evening and trialling.

  4. So, having lloked at the PicLens site, am I correct in saying that this is a ‘harvester’ of compatible sites – I don’t actually run the 3D wall on my own content, it is simply an alternative ‘bookmark’ system?

    Don’t get me wrong, if I am correct in this assumption, it is still a very powerfull app, but not as a competitor to flickr etc.

  5. Hi Iconpartnership,

    Thank you for posting about PicLens! We truly appreciate it. We’re delighted to hear that you are liking PicLens and that it’s one of those right now softwares. We hope your readers find it useful and enjoyable.

    Thanks again,
    Luna and The Cooliris Team

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