Google Reader

If you need another feedreader, Google Reader works from any computer with online access and on any mobile phone browser.

Requires registration for a Google account.
Imagine, newsfeeds wherever you go. Great for organisations using RSS to keep their workforce informed- as long as they provide a separate mobile/PDA for work. Think mobile apps, Google Android.
Following endless media coverage of Blackberry users’ mobile email habits, (at mealtimes, lying to family about use, hiding in the bathroom to email..) prepare for a round of stories about newsfeed addiction.

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One thought on “Google Reader”

  1. Just discovered this post – don’t know why I missed it on my other RSS reader, but I have just installed the CustomRSS widget to my iGoogle account, and it works fine. To be fair, so does the SimpleRSS widget – for both of them, you need to add the widget again for each feed you want to monitor (CustomRSS gives you the option of changing colours etc, so is much more than most people need or want).

    For my PDA, I use pRSSreader by David Andrs which (now I have upgraded to a beta release) is very stable and easy to use.

    I know that some Sony-Ericsson phones have an rss capability, but I haven’t look into this.

    And, no, so far I haven’t been threatened with “your PDA or me”, but then I have a very tollerant wife 😉

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