Dore documentary

– We’ve been sent a great set of links about  Dore  by Brainduck, one of the bloggers who have been applying scientific evaluation to the Dore claims.
– Links from Brainduck are in ‘Dore, bloggers, Bad Science‘, scroll down to comments
– Highly recommend the documentary from ABC Australia. It shows the key people, shows the treatment, explains the cerebellum theory, highlights the difference between the research findings and the way they have been represented by Dore marketing. Watch this. It’s a great introduction to the issues and will give you an overview which will help your understanding of the research papers.
– On the ABC site download from ‘video on demand’ link at right, scroll down. Flash or WMP. Some breakup in the streaming on my connection.
– ABC provide links to the Dore research papers and a transcript of the programme.
– Documentary makers need to understand the research and produce a balanced account (or they would have been hit by a successful libel action).
– Wouldn’t it be great if all documentaries included links to the source documents?
– It’s a science programme, therefore includes de rigueur neural-looking CGI sequence. Like a Matrix out-take. Do neural pathways really look like this? Do we know? OK, being a bit literal. It shows where the cerebellum is.
– As Brainduck points out, TV had a huge negative impact on Dore sales in Australia. Broadcast reaches a mass audience. Bloggers have a specific readership. That said, journalists and documentary makers use the web for research, so a blog can be influential beyond readership numbers.
ABC documentary: The Behaviour Business